[Spellbreak] Long-term RoadMap Dive by RogueGOOSE1 – New Classes? Ranked Play? What’s Next in the Hollow Lands

Long-term Roadmap deep dive by RogueGOOSE1 – New Classes? Ranked Play? What’s Next in the Hollow Lands

The officialroad map of Spellbreak was released on the Spellbreak official Website in the form of a blog post. This blog post, on the official RogueCorp Online website, will take a deeper dive into the information we received from the Spellbreak post.

If you’re following along, you already read our short-term and mid-term roadmap posts. We broke down what was for sure coming, and even did some imagining. A lot of what we discussed is now out, or scheduled for release. The next big release for Spellbreak is October 22nd, 2020. Those previous posts can be found here:

Now on to the long-term.

There are a ton of hopeful features being discussed in the Spellbreak communities and forums. It appears that Proletariat, the company responsible for Spellbreak, is listening. Developers and other Proletariat personnel have been very active in the Spellbreak official Discord, and have even partied up with Battlemage enthusiasts in-game. They really seem to want to know what WE want. That is exciting, but is it too ambitious?

We have seen companies like Bethesda get a little too ambitious with the likes of Fallout 76. FO76 is a game I really enjoy, but they were chasing fans comments a little too much. I’ll let the comment sit there. We will see just how Proletariat intends to handle this game moving forward.

So what have they actually said?

Spellbreak Roadmap from playspellbreak.com

As we all know, there are currently 6 classes/ gauntlets to choose from.

  • Pyromancer – Fire
  • Conduit – Lightning
  • Tempest – Wind
  • Stoneshaper – Earth
  • Toxicologist – Toxic
  • Frostborn – Ice

So what could be next?

Water seems to be one of the most popular elements being tossed around in the Spellbreak community. Pokémon is probably the first game I think of when I think of elements. So here is a complete list of base elements in Pokémon.

List of elements from Pokémon – Pokémon Go

We already have some of these from the list featured in Spellbreak. Rock and Ground collectively make our Stoneshaper. We already have Ice, Electric, Fire, Poison (Toxic), and Tempest can likely be related to Flying.

Elements checked of – long-term roadmap deep dive – Pokémon Elements

Now, Ice is Water. This is the big argument on Water in the Spellbreak community; however, Pokémon seems to have separated the two very well. Perhaps Spellbreak could as well. The elements I find the most interesting on this list in terms of future Spellbreak gauntlets have to be, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, and maybe even normal.

Psychic Gauntlet in Spellbreak?

What would a Psychic Gauntlet look like? I picture the Cronomaster rune in this regard. Teleportation, rewinding, slinging magical psychic streams. Could be very cool when animated!

Ghost Gauntlet?

A Ghost Gauntlet makes me think, summoning spirits to aid in your battle. Ancient Battlemages coming up from the crypts of the Hollow Lands to exile your foes could be wild!

Dragon Gauntlet?

A Dragon Gauntlet could summon large, well… Dragons.

Normal Gauntlet?

A Normal Gauntlet has some potential. I picture a Striker from Black Desert Online. Those of you that are unfamiliar, a Striker, is a playable character in BDO that is an expert in hand-to-hand, close-quarters combat. A Normal Gauntlet could increase abilities on a more melee style Battlemage? An interesting concept.

We can speculate different classes and gauntlets all day. Time will hopefully tell what we get to play with in the future of Spellbreak.

What else did the roadmap blog post tell us?

Spellbreak Roadmap from playspellbreak.com

Ranked / Competitive Modes could be coming down the road.
Like I said, they’re listening. We already have 9v9, team-deathmatch style game mode on the way. Clash is set to release in the next update on October 22nd 2020. So what other form of competitive modes can we see? They mention arena-style skirmishes, large-scale matches, and private lobbies. What else could there be. Well it appears that they are listening to the players. Which, as I said, is great, but is it too much. We’ll see on that. I hear many of you in the community wanting more mages per battle royale. Perhaps they will look into that.

I simply like a game with a variety of things to do. Spellbreak doesn’t have much in it’s current form. That will change slightly next Thursday. These long-term roadmap changes could be months and even years away. I do look forward to the additions though.

What Gauntlets/ classes would you like to see? What other competitive modes would you like? Comment and let me know. Also reach out through the social pages to join in the Spellbreak discussion!

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