Discord. What is Discord? Why do gamers use it and should you? & Crossplay Games PC, PS, XB, NS

Have you ever heard about discord? If you’re on any multiplayer game, whether PS4, XB1, Switch, PC, or even mobile games for iPhone & Android; you have at least heard of Discord.

So what is Discord?

Yes, originally, it’s primary purpose was for PC gamers to use as a 3rd party voice chat and messaging option. PC players do not have PSN Party Chat’s, so historically Discord became the leader in gaming chat on PC.

I play on Console. I don’t need a Discord, right?

Well, nobody needs Discord. There are plenty of other options out there for connecting with match mates. Discord has grown since it was a simple 3rd party chat program. I see PlayStation only servers, North American only servers, and every other only server you can think of. There are also plenty of everyone’s welcome servers. Many games now are cross-play and cross-progression on two or more service platforms.

You all have probably seen RogueGOOSE1 play either Call of Duty: Warzone or Spellbreak on PC and/or PS4. These two games are also available on other platforms.

Other Cross-play games:

Platform PS4XB1PCNSMobileNOTES
Apex LegendsXXXX
AragamiXXXXPartial Support
Black Desert OnlineXXXPartial Support
Call of DutyXXX
Chess UltraPartial Support
Chivalry IIXXX
DC Universe OnlineXX
Dick Wilde 2XX
Disc JamXXX
Eve: ValkyrieXX
Final Fantasy XIVXX
Games of GloryXX
Guns of Icarus OnlineXX
Hero SiegeXXXX
HoverXXXXXPartial Support
Hunt: ShowdownXX
Mantis Burn RacingXXXXPartial Support
Mortal Kombat 11XX
Need for Speed: HeatXXX
No Man’s SkyXXX
Phantasy Star Online 2XX
Pinball FX 3XXXXPartial Support
PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsXX
Pox NoraXX
Predator – Hunting GroundsXX
Realm RoyaleXXXX
Rec RoomXX
Rocket ArenaXXX
Rocket LeagueXXX
Rogue CompanyXXXX
Siegecraft CommanderXXXXPartial Support
Sports Bar VRXX
Square HeroesXX
Star Trek: Bridge CrewXX
Street Fighter VXX
Super Dungeon BrosXXXX
Super Mega Baseball 2XXXXPartial Support
Tooth and TailXXPartial Support
TrailblazersXXXXPartial Support
Ultimate Chicken HorseXXXXPartial Support
War ThunderXXXPartial Support
Weapons of MythologyXX
Werewolves WithinXX
World of TanksXX
World War ZXXX
WWE 2K BattlegroundsXXXX
Referenced from – (psu.com/news)

As you can see, there are many reason’s why you might want to connect with PC or other platform players on Discord.

What else can I find in Discord?

RogueCorp.online uses Discord as a primary communication device for discussing projects all across the gaming world. Whether it’s starting an ad campaign, or simply creating a new discussion post. Discord has helped us a ton.


Discord honestly is a must have for gamers of all platforms. Go download it, and get connecting with friends!

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