World of Warcraft – 1000 year old game still worth playing? WoW – What’s New? Shadowlands > Battle for Azeroth

Revendreth – 5 new locations in WoW

So you don’t want to play an older game? Maybe World of Warcraft isn’t for you. Or is it? Almost everyone has at least considered playing the game, but maybe opt out when they see that this game came out before they were born.

Blizzard is reinventing this game with the latest installment, Shadowlands, which is set to land on October 27th. The new player experience is being overhauled, and new players are flooding in. The above video is from the previous installment where the Horde becomes under attack. These poor goblins have to use their advanced cunning to re-establish themselves after an assault from the Alliance. Come get immersed in the action!

What’s New?

New Player Hub, Oribos

New player hub description from

Max Level Changes

Battle for Azeroth is the previous game title. Shadowlands is set to replace that version, and bring with it a ton of changes. Previously, characters could get to level 120. Now, the maximum level to achieve is 60. Characters who were previously level 120 (or above 50), will relinquish their current progress. Those characters will begin the new journey at level 50. They can then play through to the new cap, 60.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

This new dungeon system seems set to bring a new look to WoW. Some of Azeroth’s greatest heroes are trapped here. Can you rescue them and return with sweet loot? New epic loot can be found in this seemingly random dungeon experience. This is replayable; and supposedly, ever-changing.


Wow players are accustomed to the massive customization abilities in Battle for Azeroth. Shadowlands is set to reinvent the current customization system by delivering even more options to personalize your character in many ways. Mounts, pets, character itself, and many other trinkets are getting overhauled and/or added in Shadowlands.

New Places to Explore

5 new, breathtaking zones to explore.

  • Revendreth
  • The Maw
  • Bastion
  • Ardenweald
  • Maldraxxus

So much more to get into. Follow this WordPress for the latest news!

RogueCorp Online is set to begin our new journey into the realm of World of Warcraft. Check out what our streamer is up to:

His max level Goblin is ready for action in the Shandowlands. Come game up!

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