[Spellbreak] Spellbreak Prologue: Chapter 1 – The Gathering Storm

Spellbreak Prologue: Chapter 1, The Gathering Storm releasing October 22nd

The long awaited Spellbreak Prologue is coming to the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and XboxOne. The Gathering Storm releases on October 22nd, and fans of the Spellbreak game cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Chapter 1 has been long awaited as Battlemages continue to fight through the Hollow Lands. The story and lore of the Hollow Lands, the storm, and other facets of the game are largely unknown to players who already love the title. The first series of story chapters seems ready to deliver a taste of what players have been asking for since the announcement of this game earlier this year.

What are we looking forward to most?


Content is very limited in Spellbreak. Yeah, you have Solos, Duos, Squads, and even practice, but that’s it. The game attempts to deliver lore on the official discord; however, not all players use this resource. Nor do they care to. Primarily PC users find themselves on discord servers first, as many console gamers aren’t always familiar with this system. For fans offsite of discord, the story mode will deliver fresh lore while adding to the die hard fan’s experience.

What else is coming?

9v9 Clash Mode – Clash mode was discussed in our last road map breakdown. This is a very exciting feature which looks to add even more challenge to master in the game. Face off in a 9v9, team deathmatch style mode!

3 New Talents – also delivering in the way of the mid-term roadmap is new talents. 3 New talents will be added to the game to add more skill to top tier mages. What are they?

  • Vigor: Bonus health
  • Ambidextrous: Enabling the passive ability for your offhand gauntlet.
  • Foresight: Adding nearby player reveal to the users minimap, as well as unveiling future shrines and circles.

New talents and Clash mode are exciting new concepts to be added to the game late October, but the real winning feature here is the new prologue!

Prologue Chapter 1: The Gathering Storm has been asked for by so many players, it simply had to come out soon. I hope that doesn’t mean it was short-changed in quality. Time will tell. One week to be exact! Let us know your thoughts!

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