[Spellbreak] Mid-term Road map for Spellbreak. The new Battle Royale game of Magic & PvP

All Hands in Spellbreakers! Mid-term Road map for Spellbreak – RogueCorp Online

Not much information has actually came out with regard to the exact details of future Spellbreak content. Sure, many gamers are making their own assumptions as to what may be in the mix; however, the Spellbreak website hasn’t exactly given us much.

In this article, we will look into what they have actually said, and perhaps add just a tad of our own speculation and hops.

We already looked at the short term road map.

Short term road map article from RogueCorp Online!

We talked about 2 new runes coming to Spellbreak, but we only received one in the recent update. We can then assume the second rune, Chronomaster, will also be included in this Mid-term.

So what is mid-term?

Playspellbreak.com describes their mid-term range at 1-3 months. Of course, they discuss large updates. Large updates can take quite some time to have ready. Let’s take a look at the blog post from Spellbreak.

Portion of – go.playspellbreak.com/blog/

Chapter System

The chapter system, yes, we all see it in-game. It is quite intriguing. They seem to want to bring in some element of a story mode into the game. There is a lore section on the Spellbreak discord. This is just more evidence that the fine folks at Proletariat want to emphasize this story to make it fun for the community. This will be a great addition, but I’m not sure if Spellbreak is getting their bang for the buck here. Battle Royale fans don’t exactly seem that interested in lore and story. How many Fortnite players actually spent any time in ‘Save the World’? I tried it, and it’s just not what many battle royale players are about. I am interested to see Spellbreaks version of a story though.

Clash 9v9 PvP Combat

This mode right here really has my interest. The battles in Spellbreak really are a ton of fun. I have a blast every time I get into combat with another mage out in the Hollow Lands. 10 fights or less is very common in a typical Spellbreak match. So the amount of time walking around versus time in battle isn’t a great ratio. So if you’re needing constant action, this 9v9 mosh pit / team deathmatch style gameplay will be right up your alley.


Holloween just shows us that Spellbreak will attempt to stay fresh by including cool esthetic options for us. Of course, every game that makes it’s money on micro-transactions is going to go after us on Holliday items. Sounds sweet. October, December, February Holidays are always gold mines.

Three new 3-point Talents & New / Reworked consumables

This just makes sense. The game is new and it is only natural that the gameplay will evolve as time goes on. It keeps the game fresh, makes it more competitive, etc. Time will tell what we are going to get with this. It is important to change the meta after time. New gear and load out options are a great way to do that.


We were able to elaborate a bit and give some of our thoughts on the 1-3 month Mid-term road map from playSpellbreak.com. There is a good amount of content heading our way. I am most excited for the Clash mode. What are you most excited for? Chronomaster? Chapters? Let me know!

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