Switching from Console to PC? Is it time to make the switch to PC? Challenges & Tips for the Switch.

Hey, Rogues! Many gamers and creators are making the switch to PC as new consoles arrive in just a short time. PlayStation 5 and XBoxSeriesX has already created waves in the gaming community by pushing some gamers over to playing on a desktop or laptop.

Gamers realize that while consoles are cheaper, but are they that much cheaper? If you bought a PS3, PS4, and PS5; you would have invested about 1000 bucks. Well, a thousand bucks would have bought you a PC that would have lasted until current generation gaming. (Possibly). Maybe you have need a buck or two more, but you get the idea. I find that to be the logic around the community.

What are some challenges to making the move to PC from console?

Mouse and keyboard. (mkb) – going from controller, whether PS4 or XBox controller, to mouse and keyboard is tough. I streamed for the first time on my new Asus ROG Strix yesterday. Guys, I have absolutely ZERO mkb skills. It’s tough.

Now luckily, there are ways to get controllers onto most of your favorite PC games. Scuf gaming makes a great controller for gaming, and the Dualshock 4 & XBox controllers alike, work well.

Getting used to switching between gaming sites.

Gaming Sites

Epic Games, Blizzard, Steam, who knows what else? And yes, you have to download them all and set up accounts, and verify accounts, and re-verify accounts. Honestly, it’s a pain in the ass, but if you want access to the most popular games -eh.

I currently play a variety of games on those 3 gaming hosts.

Blizzard – I play World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone, and am even thinking about some of their other titles. Hearthstone, Overwatch, Diablo III, and many other great games are available via Battle.net (Blizzard).

The Epic Games Store – As you can imagine, this includes Fortnite. Fornite is one of the most popular games in creation today. Epic Games Store is also the only place to get Spellbreak, the increasingly popular; also battle royale style game. Epic Games isn’t currently supporting cross-play with Steam. Though the future looks bright on this.

Steam – The most popular choice on PC is, of course, Steam. Access thousands of popular, and unpopular titles before they become popular, with Steam. Steam is home to such classics as Eve Online, as well as [fairly] new titles, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, Dead Matter, DayZ, SCUM, and thousands more. Steam is simply a must have.

Another great challenge is getting new friends.

Yes, now-a-days, there are a growing number of cross-compatible games. Hopefully, you didn’t buy a PC just to play games you also own on console. You are going to want to branch out. PC libraries have games that you couldn’t even imagine coming from the likes of PS4, XB1, or dare I say Nintendo.

Discord is a wonderful place to meet new friends on Steam, Epic Games, and Battle.net. Get out there, in as many servers as you like, and meet the communities. You will also see the difference in console vs PC communities, and will be baffled! Everything is better here.

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