Short Term Roadmap for Spellbreak – Adding Runes? Shadowstep and Chronomaster?

Spellbreak is a new game on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, & Switch. This game is quickly gaining some popularity across social media & I personally love it. This game is an absolute treat in terms of where we are with games right now.

Battle Royale Royale style games keep whipping out of the development process. Activision, Proletariat, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and others continue to attempt to gain ground in the BR game genre. We keep buying it, so they keep building it. Even though many of these are free, we all know we spill heaps of money into these games. I know I do.

So what’s on the way with Spellbreak? came out with a road map which detailed several things which we hope to get into in future blog posts. For now though, we will focus on the short term portion of the Spellbreak road map.

Latest patch coming soon:

New games will always be trying to upgrade and update the game as quickly as possible to stabilize the game and also keep player interest early on.

The only other thing to note from the short term list is delivering two, new runes for us to try in our BR loadouts. (Yes, I’m calling it a loadout.)

Shadowstep Rune

A bit of a mix between the Dash Rune & the Invisibility Rune. With Shadowstep, you will become invisible and dash in the direction you’re moving.

So does this make dash and invisibility useless as a Spellbreaker? Well not exactly. They are both still viable in their own way. I am excited to see how you Mages use Shadowstep.

Chronomaster Rune

The Chronomaster Rune is a tad interesting. The word on the street is that you will leave a ghost of yourself at your position. 4 seconds later, you will rewind back to your former position, and your health and armor are restored to the highest amount they were recorded during that time. During this rewind you become immune, invisible, and cleansed of status effects.

Now I know there is a lot to that. I think it can be very handy in PvP. Time will tell, but it has some potential. It will take a bit of mastery before this will be viable in game.

So there is you short-term road map look of Spellbreak. Come join us in game mages, and share with us what you’re up to on the New Facebook Page:

Spellbreak Mage Community

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