[Spellbreak] RogueGOOSE1 Review of Spellbreak – Free Battle Royale Game on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Epic Games

Spellbreak review on RogueCorp Online – pic by @roguegoose1

Proletariat Games developed and published this Spellbreak for us to enjoy on console and PC. The game just released on September 3rd and was recommended to me by Player2_Gaming on Twitch and LilithsLust, a friend from the Black Desert Online community.

The game is free on PSN, Epic Games, and other platforms I’m sure. It isn’t that large of a download either, so it is worth taking a look at right off the bat. Free and easy to get. If you’re still not convinced it is worth checking out –go watch my gameplay on YouTube and Twitch.

About the Game:

The game is a battle royale (BR) game. It features SOLO, DUO, and SQUAD BR modes. Squads in this BR are 3 person / Mage, teams. Team up with other mages or go solo in a fantasy, magical world which pits mage versus mage in combat!

Our 1st thoughts:

I was impressed from the start. It has a Fortnite look to it as far as your character, the scenery, and the fact that it is a battle royale style game. So visually, it is amazing. I played my first match and won. Right there I thought perhaps the game is too easy. That simply wasn’t the case. In the succeeding matches I faced some pretty fierce competitors. That was enjoyable, but showed me I needed to play more to get good.

Recommended improvements:

I would like to see more things to do in-game. One of the things I like about Warzone compared to other BR style games is that there are missions the operator may choose to conduct for money. This helps funnel players into conflict. There are Mana Vaults, vaults positioned on the map containing guaranteed Epic loot, which helps facilitate that funneling feature I seek. These Vaults are great for progression; however, they are just a tad boring. I would like to see more features in this regard.

This is a new game, and I am sure there is more content on the way. That will fix my needs improvement section. I am excited to see what Proletariat comes up with here.

Overall this is a fantastically addictive game which I instantly recommend to anyone. I give it an Automatic:

A (Sizzlin)

Grading scale:

BDollar Bills
FDon’t Be in this Bracket
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