[Spellbreak] Getting started in Spellbreak – Map of the Hollow Lands – Beginner’s Guide – Where to land, strategy, tips & tricks for Spellbreak

A beginner’s guide from a beginner in Spellbreak on PS4 – PC – Nintento Switch – XB1 /w/ RogueGOOSE1

Getting started in Spellbreak on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC is simple, but can be overwhelming to some. For this reason, RogueCorp Online Gaming blog has decided to tackle a Beginner’s Guide to Spellbreak. We will likely do many articles revolving around Spellbreak because it is an absolutely fun and addictive game. We hope you all give it a try and hit us up t squad up!

RogueGOOSE1 playing Spellbreak on PS4

The tutorial and practice modes are simple and easy ways to getting started in Spellbreak. I highly recommend all new Spellbreak players give it a run through. The tutorial is 9 easy checkpoints that give you a great understanding of the basic aspects of the game. Mostly with regard to controlls, not per se, strategy / etc.

Once you have gotten through the tutorial, head over to the practice map and jst start messing people up with the practice gear in the arena.

Quick look at gear:

Amulets, Belts, and Boots are pieces of equipment, along with your primary and secondary Gauntlets, that are tiered and necessary to victory in the Hollow Lands.

Equipment in Spellbreak – Getting started in Spellbreak w/ RogueGOOSE1

Amulet: Upgrading your amulet increases your mana which is useful in battle. You use mana in spellcasting, sorcery skills, and even while levitating. Higher grade amulets give you a better chance for survival!

Belt: Your belt is you armor in Spellbreak. You also need it to charge / recharge your shield. So yeah, quite important.

Boots: Are very helpful in this game. There is no sprint button or run command for that matter. Better boots increase movement speed.

Map of the Hollow Lands – Spellbreak map


There is some strategy skill carryover with any battle royale game. Each has subtleties; however, the idea of being the last one standing remains.

There are 2 primary strategies in BR games.

  • Hide until the end
  • Aggression

Both are viable here as well.

It is important to know the map, and what you need. Loot everything. I recommend dropping where many players go. This combat will ultimately help you get better at the aggressive method of playing. Which is super fun!

Fort Halcyon is the perfect place for this. Loot and fight your way out of this area.

Tips and Tricks

Get a belt as fast as you can! Fill your tool bar with shields and health regen immediately AND DON’T FORGET TO USE IT AFTER EVERY FIGHT!

RogueGOOSE1 on Spellbreak – Beginner’s Guide to Spellbreak

The game is addictive and fun. So have fun with it and get addicted! Cosmetics are a great way to immerse yourself in the world of Spellbreak. Explore the Hollow Lands in style and share your creations with us. Check out the new Spellbreak Mage Community Facebook Page!

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