[WARZONE] Choosing a loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare – RogueGOOSE1 FPS Beginner Guide series – Spotlight: Call of Duty

Welcome to the first of many First Person Shooter (FPS) Beginner guide posts. I play with many beginner players on COD, both on my stream and just for fun.

New players to Modern Warfare & Warzone often make very similar mistakes that I try to call out from the start. These are often very simple things, but if you haven’t played much then you simply may not know.

Today’s information will be a little on choosing loadoats. The load out you want for Modern Warfare may need to be very different from the loadout you predominately use in Warzone. You may need a set up specific to playing Battle Royale (BR) Quads while setting up another loadout for Plunder. You may want a separate loadout for each individual mode you play across both games.

A look at my loadouts:

As you can see, I run a variety of different game modes, and have a variety of set ups to go a long with it. There are many reasons why I may want certain pieces of equipment in a long range map versus a more condensed map, for example.

Warzone Specific items for beginners.

  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Stun Grenades
  • C4 Charge
  • RPG
  • Grenade Launcher (AR)
  • Sniper/ Marksman Rifle

These are just a couple items for you to think about possibly bringing to Warzone. It can make a huge difference to have some way to take out vehicles in Warzone. I have seen matches be decided by vehicles or one’s ability to remove them. So what is right for you?

Grenade Launcher

First we’ll talk about lobbin’ ‘nades out of our Assault Rifles (AR). Very few players opt for a grenade launcher attachment in Warzone. That is mostly because they often have C4 charges, or a launcher system. You may opt to have both, I have certainly had matches where I needed a little extra firepower for technicals. The high-explosive grenade launcher attachment, makes your weapon extra heavy. It would be hard to run with the current META‘s that you may be looking for. Having to remove a sight or other attachment to replace with the launcher can seem less than worth it. It takes some getting used to. I recommend simply trying it. If you don’t like it -stick with what you think is the META.


Or other launcher system. I see many players opting for the STRELA or the Javelin lately. The RPG lacks the ability to lock-on targets, making it a little tougher for beginners. I highly recommend getting used to the RPG system though as it doesn’t alert the target my locking on. That’s right, every time you shoot that Javelin and notice the helicopter occupants bail right as you aim, that’s because you should learn to fire an RPG. Sure, you’ll miss on occasion. Just practice.


Many players opt for C4 as their primary source of explosives. I typically use them myself. I prefer to use mine in 50/50 type battles, or when outnumbered. There are plenty of occasions where I have used them on vehicles as well. Mostly when I’m out of rockets, but it certainly works either way.

Heartbeat Sensor or Stun Grenade?

This can be a great question. You may go without a heartbeat sensor if your DUO’s partner carries one. I have also seen teams require everyone to have them. Stun grenades can be very effective in 50/50 type battles though. Try both, if you find you need one over the other. Stick with that one. Heartbeat sensors can certainly go underappreciated by players who don’t use them. Maybe give it a second try if you don’t like it at first.

Sniper / Marksman Rifle

If you’re not very good with a sniper or marksman rifle, I suggest you practice. Verdansk can be an unforgiving place for people without long range capabilities. Sure, there are some LMG’s and AR’s that can possibly get it done for you, but it’s worth giving it a couple tries.

Modern Warfare Specific

I play mostly domination or similar game mode. There are of course many game modes to choose from in Modern Warfare as opposed to other game modes. Let’s face it, you’re there for leveling your weapons during Happy Hour before you head back to Warzone.


Or if you’re not good with a pistol, as I’ve heard many beginners complain, run the Overkill Perk. More on perks later. Have a secondary you can count on. Shoot the Ship, or any variant of Shipment related game mode will require a reliable secondary.

I used to stress this to everyone since Gulag started as mostly pistols originally. It’s not as necessary to get good with pistols these days. We could talk about those sniper rifle woahs again or we can move on to something else.

Basically use Modern Warfare to practice, adjust loadouts based on Warzone like scenarios and move on.


Beginners (and even some advanced players) should be running Cold-blooded, Ghost, and probably Amped. If you’re going to swap back and forth a lot -use Amped. Otherwise, use your best judgement. Cold-blooded and Ghost is going to keep you off of enemy radars. Literally and figuratively. This can help you avoid disadvantaged fights.

What should my primary be?

The Grau and M4 seem to be what everyone is raving about right now.

Update: AN-94 may be getting more hype than those right now.

Use what ever you are comfortable with. Different maps, modes, and other variables change why you may want to have a particular primary. The M4 is a Swiss Army Knife kind of primary weapon. This assault rifle is a very solid weapon for just about every situation.

Subs – A knife is a solid option, pistols of course too. Use what you’re comfortable. I use the Guard One Legendary Blueprint. This variant of the Renetti is a very formidable secondary weapon. RPG’s and other launchers are solid options as well.

So there is my look at loadouts so far in Call of Duty Warzone. I began writing this in season 3. I will attempt to update it as seasons change.

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