RogueCorp Online reviewing The Last of Us™ Part II – NO SPOILERS

There are no spoilers here. There have been some complaints of other content creators detailing spoilers of The Last of Us™ Part II, but we are not one of them. We will display only our thoughts on the game itself, leaving out all details of the story itself.

That being said, let’s dive in. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS AHEAD.

Minimal gameplay video for reviewing. The Last of Us™ Part II – @RogueCorpOnline


The game plays much like The Last of Us (the first one). It’s easy to learn, but is much different from other popular games. This may make it slightly difficult to transition from other games. Once that is in hand, it is easy to manipulate.

Story [no spoiling]

This game’s story is absolutely fantastic. Of course, if you played the first one, you already knew that. This game plays almost like a mini series or movie, except yu get to interact with it. You feel as if you alter the outcome of the movie by your choices, and that helps keep you immersed in the role you’re playing.

Other aspects

If the story and gameplay doesn’t do enough for you, here’s one aspect that all can enjoy – SCENERY.

The Last of Us™ Part II – Abbie – Scenery RogueCorpOnline pic from @elocinshannon on Twitter

The scenery and the graphics in general are absolutely breathtaking. The pic above is just a small teaser to all the other beautiful landscapes you will encounter in the game. Naughty Dog really seems to like featuring beautiful landscapes and portrait quality shots of characters. I find this to be the top quality in the game.

This is a top quality in the game. Especially when you consider the growing popularity of #VirtualPhotography and #VGPUnite on Twitter and other social platforms. I, for one, welcome this content as the gaming photography content I come across is magnificent. (I will be doing many articles on Gaming style photography soon so make sure you follow on Twitter & Facebook).

The Review

The short review to The Last of Us™ Part II is that you should 100% be playing it, or at least, watching someone play it. It is truly a work of art. The long version is:

The Last of Us™ Part II, is hands down one of the best games that is out right now. As next generation consoles come out, perhaps that will change. That has yet to be seen. So, for now, get out and go buy this game. We found it for less than release price. For the $39.99 we found it for, it is easily worth the money. This game will be talked about even through the next gen consoles. The scenery, game-play, & story are better than any other game out right now -with some argument to be made regarding a couple Rockstar Games titles.

Verdict? I cannot recommend this game enough. GO PLAY (or watch) IT right now!

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