COVID-19 & Pokemon Go – What the deadly virus did for us POGO players.

Quarantine in 2020 will be remembered by people all over the world for years to come. Generations will read and hear stories of the tell of the virus that kept us all from our latte’s and haircuts. First world problems, right?

Of course the virus has also had a deadly impact on many families around the globe as well. Very sad. We, of course, don’t want to underplay the horrible events this virus has caused; however, there has been some great things to come to Pokemon Go, as a result of the virus.

The Pokemon Go: Community had been asking for ways to be more active in the game from home. POGO is a game that wants to get you out of the home in order to play. That’s how it was initially marketed, and everything in the game centered around you getting out. The global pandemic wanted the exact opposite. Many of us became quarantined several months ago. Whether it was fear of the corona-virus, just stepping up to do your part, or maybe you were even laid-off from work. Whatever the case, you may have been like billions of people -stuck at home for some time.

This was a time that many of us video gamers had been preparing for our whole lives. Sitting at home playing video games is nothing new to us. I am a gamer that likes to get out and stay fit, though. I use POGO to help me get a few extra steps in throughout the day.

Sadly, Pokemon Go was just not the game for someone stuck at home. The Pokemon Company, Niantic, was quick to see where they could oblige us POGO players. After 4 years, it took a global pandemic to get the additions to the game that we have all been asking for.

Remote Raid Pass – we finally got a way to raid from home. This is something that had been requested since the start. I remember the early 2016 days when I would go out and play, only to return home excited to continue -and couldn’t do anything in the game. That led to getting bored of the game very quickly. The new 2020 Remote Raid Passes give me something to do after hours in the game once I have my PJ’s on.

GO FEST at Home – 2020 features the very first Virtual Go Fest. We have already seen the Go Fest Skill Challenge hit our games. This simple 3/3 challenge is mildly challenging, free, and fun. It also gets us hyped for the first ever Virtual Go Fest which

will take place from the 25th to the 26th of July. Each week until then will have another unique challenge for us!

Other events – The latest events have been excellent. The Throwback Challenge, where we had a whole month worth of amazing events. Then the separate Abra day event challenge. Before, new, updated events were few and far between. Anything would have made me happy, yet we got nothing. The Abra day alone was super simple and way too easy, but it was something I could do in the game. Absolutely needed for me.

Niantic also brought in tons of bonuses. Whether 2x incense duration, half-distance egg hatching, or any of the other fantastic, much needed add-ons in Pokemon Go; the Covid-19 global pandemic was just what Niantic needed to finally give us something cool.

As sad as they may seem. I had been wanting these changes for years, and I am sure many of you did too. Tell us which of the 2020 changes you liked the most. Use the buttons below to game up with us or join in the chat!

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