RogueCorp Online and Gunner Goose (RogueGOOSE1) give special, weekly shout-out to featured Gaming Community members with Stream of the Week and Pic of the Week – 07/18/2020 – Video and Pic contest to come

RogueCorp Online is not just a streamer, streaming. We intend to be the most interactive Gaming Community out there. I, RogueGOOSE1, do stream and create lots of content for your viewing pleasure; however, I find much enjoyment in sharing work from others.

Each week I have been featuring an artist and a streamer from the gaming world. This week will be a little different. That’s because this week’s featured artist and streamer are the same person. This individual, is a video maker, and video artist all in one. The work they create on this gaming page is absolutely amazing and creative. I was blown away with the first video I stumbled across. Then I found out there were more available from other games, and I was blown away again. AND again.

With that. Our featured creator this week is…

Four Leaf Gaming (YouTube / )

This week’s Featured Content Creator! Four Leaf Gaming on YouTube

Featured Creator I first met @FourLeafSober of FourLeafGaming in the Call of Duty: Warzone community. We are both active members in the community, as well as others. FourLeafSober has since joined the RogueCorp Online Communnity, and we are very happy to stay up with his work. Fortnite, COD, and other games are transformed into works of art right before our eyes as we watch his YouTube channel. I highly recommend you give FourLeafGaming a look, and subscribe to them on YouTube!

Gunner Goose and Maggie the Whacky Dog on Twitch –

The RogueCorp Online Community of Gamers is unique. We like to take care of people in the community by sharing their great work from the gaming world! Come check us out on Discord to let us know what you’re doing!

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