Getting back into Fallout 76? Perfect timing! Come play with RogueGOOSE1

RogueGOOSE1 plays a ton of different games on PS4. Luckily, many games are heading toward cross-platform. Fallout 76, sadly, isn’t one of them. So PS4 gamers, I’m talking to you specifically here!

Many games are desperate to bring back or add new players to their games. No more than Bethesda… and maybe Rockstar.

Players complained over the lack of human NPC’s in Fallout 76 at launch in 2018. The game remained the same (without Human NPC’s) until earlier this year. The latest Wastelanders expansion added many of the things players had been dying for since release. Now that it’s here 2 years later, many players aren’t actually returning.

Is it worth it? Sure. The Wastelanders update is an absolute masterpiece. It didn’t bring back many players, but it has certainly added new players. I for one, am a returning player. This expansion is an absolute must play. I also have every single add-on one could have for the game. Fallout 1st, being the primary add-on one would want.

So maybe you do want to return to the game, but no longer have friends active on it? Come join us at RogueCorp Online. We would love to game up with you in the West Virginian Wasteland, and hear about all the other adventures you have been on!

Use the buttons below or all around the site to game up!

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