[WARZONE] – AFK Kills? Stayed on the plane too long? Easy kills or a trap? Watch RogueGOOSE1’s attempt on YouTube.

YouTube video. [WARZONE] What happens if you stay on the plane til the end? AFK Kills in Call of Duty®: Warzone

I’m sure you have heard by now that a good way to practice your finishers in COD: Warzone is to wait until the very end of the flight, allowing the game to auto-eject you into a field of AFK players. Guess what, if you heard it, so did everyone else. Don’t let that discourage you though. This can also be a great way to practice close engagements or even a way to boost your kill count before heading into the rest of the match.

I had heard about people doing this since the game first released. I never really thought I would give it a try, but today I finally wanted to see what the fuss was about for myself. The above video displays my first attempt at waiting to the end of the flight and allowing the game to auto-eject me. I made it down easily enough, yet I began to get very impatient. I then landed to find a fair number of people were, in fact, AFK.

Additionally, there were a handful of people who were not. Whether they were AFK and just emerged, or intentionally were trying the ole fish-in-a-barrel gag like me can never be confirmed.

After a short resistance, I was able to secure some kills and head off into the rest of the match.

I hope the video is to your liking. For more content or to game up with us -hit the buttons below!

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