Biggest Online Resource sites I use in Black Desert Online for PlayStation 4.

Many of you follow my Black Desert career on Discord. Thanks for doing so. I have become quite the known Life Skiller in the game. Many of you have asked me where I get certain information to help me make my crafting as efficient as I do. I am not one of these players that spends a billion hours online. I have to make the most of my time, while not going overboard on one particular thing. I like to actually play the game, unlike many experts. So here are the Biggest Online Resource sites I use in Black Desert Online for PlayStation 4.

RogueCorp.Online Resources

Simple Failstack Guide –

TET / PEN Boss Gear Information –

Leveling New Character –

Black Desert Resources – Other sites

World Boss Timer: – This is a handy resource to have around for obvious reasons. I routinely get the top tier World Boss drops, and one way that helps me here is knowing what time and which one will spawn.

Gear Planner: – I use this particular BDO Planner because it is compatible with Discord. It also has many things that some of the other BDO Gear Planners do not have.

House Information: – Invenglobal is a site I use frequently to understand where to invest Contribution Points (CP) on houses in different towns.


Node Information:

Cooking Recipes:

Alchemy Recipes:

Crates: – Incendar has many great resources for Black Desert. These are just a couple that I use very often. They also have other valuable resources, but this gives you an idea of the ones I use most frequently. Imperial crafting info is also very valuable. Check them out.

Locations of items / various info: – BDO Codex has lots of resources for Black Desert as well. I primarily use it to understand where to actually get what ever loot item I am after for the day. Best way to increase your chances of getting a certain drop is by knowing who drops the thing.

I always specify that I play on PS4 as some of the rules in the BDO community don’t apply to us. Yes, we have recently enabled cross-play with XboxOne, but many things are still new to us. Much of the Black Desert content on the internet is only useful to PC gamers, and even XB1 gamers have gotten some things we aren’t used to yet. So I just like to specify. My guides aren’t really guides. They are more “what-I-do’s”. If what I do works for you, great; if not, there is plenty of other content out there for you to try.

These are some of the sites I use to build efficiency in my gaming experience. Like many of you who like my content -I work. I do not have time to do some of these “5 minute, get rich quick in BDO schemes”. I just like to play.

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