Why Call of Duty has disappointed me? – Warzone – Free to Play Battle Royale


It has been rumored that this game would eventually come to us. Did anyone know it would be a surprise overnight release? Ehhh, probably. What I want to know is, will you be playing it with your pals at RogueCorp? Before we get to hyped about joining up with @RogueGOOSE1 in a fast paced, Battle Royale arena, let’s take a look at what #CallofDuty shared with us on Twitter:

@CallofDuty on Twitter.

So… It’s going to be #FREECallofDuty, Cross-play, and available tomorrow. I wuld say we all need to at least check it out.

My thoughts: RogueGOOSE1 – not all good, but…

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, BlackOps, and all the other titles were very close to losing me as a customer / gamer following my disgust with Advanced Warfare.

Advanced Warfare, to me, was Call of Duty raising the white flag to Halo. They said, “you win, we can’t beat you so we’ll join you!” Little did they know, the gaming community was dying to be freed from Halo at that time. I loved Halo. I when I wanted to play something else, I did not want to grab the latest Call of Duty and start playing Halo again. I do not want to go off on a raid of Call of Duty, but that is what has happened here. Long story short, many of you who game with me already know my disappointments with this title. Ever since that, I have stayed pretty loyal to the Battlefield franchise. Electronic Arts (EA), has done some great things with these games and have made me a fan for life. This addition from Call of Duty, given my experience with Advanced Warfare, proves Activision is simply following trends and doesn’t care about making new, innovative creations for us. But… It is still a free game, and worth checking out. Maybe they will surprise me.

I will try to approach this game with an open mind. I do like Battle Royale type games. They are almost overdone, but I still enjoy seeing other title’s take on the genre. I Have played PUBG, Fortnite, Apex: Legends, Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter, Battlefield Firestorm, and several other versions within the genre. I enjoy all of them. Perhaps I can rank them sometime for you all.

Share your excitement, thoughts, and opinions with us at RogueCorp, using the buttons below! Join discord to game up!

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