Starting a New Character in Black Desert Online (Console Addition) – A PS4 Gamer’s Perspective on New Characters in BDO

So you’re either beginning the game for the first time or deciding to take some of my advice and creating multiple alternate characters. Having many characters in Black Desert Online is very valuable. They have a wide range of uses from helping your enhancement process, using their energy, and making lifeskilling much easier. Many other reasons to have alternate characters, but that is too much for this article. Hopefully, if you’re reading this particular article -you already know the value of alternate characters.


I am a PS4 gamer. Us PS4 and XboxOne players discovered that much Black Desert content on the internet was for PC and not at all always relevant to the Console addition. That is where I hop to fill the void. I am a casual gamer like many of you that follow my stuff. My guides are more “What I Do’s” rather than end-all, be-all guides. There are plenty of content creators out there for that. The things I do are easy enough for any casual grinder to do. That being said, let’s get right into it.

Black Desert is unlike many other MMORPG’s that we are used to. When I first came in, I was slow at everything. Reading everything, collecting everything, and thought I was doing good. After playing through with 20+ characters to date, I see that I was doing it all wrong. Now, for your first character, it is okay to take it slow and enjoy the initial questing. That may bore some of you, and you may want to understand that this game does not start until you are level 56. f course, you can enjoy your sub 50 time if you would like. I am one that tries to go fast and hard… In games too.

So the first step we are going to talk about is getting to 56, so you can start actually playing with your character.

You start your new character’s journey in BDO at the Ancient Fissure Site in Balenos, West of Velia. You are level one. I recommend following the Black Spirit story quests at this point. It will have you chasing down people and killing low level NPC’s like Wolves, tiny Tree people, and Imps. If you can, have some tools with you in the beginning. I always try to collect Wolf hide and blood at least for my other characters to use. Get your hands on main and sub weapons that aren’t a part of the story. The game has been out a while now, so the Central Market should have at least one piece for you. You want to begin enhancing something from the start. For casual gamers, this process to 56 can take several days. Which is a good thing. Make sure your collect your daily boss scrolls from the Black Spirit, and attend as many World and Field Bosses as you can.


Level 1 – 20

It is best to follow the Black Spirit through these levels for a variety of reasons. The fastest way to progress through these levels is to simply grind mobs, but this article is not what is the fastest way to level a new character. I focus on efficiency. Following the quest will give you sub-weapon boxes, inventory expansions, and allow you to get used to a new characters skills gradually. Follow these quests from Ancient Fissure site, to Rednose, through Velia (Talk to Alustin and do his quests), all the way to Giath. Once yu slay Giath you will be between level 15 and 20. Go from there to Alter Imps and defeat mobs until 20 – 22. These early on mobs also help you build family fame, so it’s important to go ahead and slice through these with each character. By this point, you should have all upgrade-able weapons and armor to +7.

Life Skilling – Head over to Heidel and purchase a strong fence from Flaviano. Place it somewhere you intend to cross often, and plant potatoes, carrots, or something from the seed vendor in Heidel.

Level 20 – 27

The mobs to get familiar with here are Swamp Nagas and Bloody Monastery. Sometimes I stay at Nagas until 30 and head elsewhere, but theres some speed to be gained if you go to Nagas 22 though 25 and then over to Monastery until 30. There are a couple things to consider with this. If you have done this 20 plus times, sometimes changing things up provides efficiency through breaking up the grind on your brain. Some people suggest Castle Ruins until 30 as well, which is viable to break up the grind as well, and allows you to gain increasing knowledge of those mobs as well. If you prefer to grind there, great.

Life Skilling – check your farm and then go Northwest of Heidel to find sheep. Kill and butcher / skin those until you’re tired of it. Hire a worker in Heidel, spend 3 Contribution Points on Heidel 3-3, and start a Crop Factory business with those potatoes. Package 10 potatoes with 1 Black Stone Powder as many times as you can.

My preference? Swamp Nagas


Level 28 – 33

Khuruto Caves will be a great grinding spot through level 34. This area can get you to 34 fairly quickly, and is very fun to explore. You should continue upgrading your gear as best you can and by this point should have decent ‘placeholder’ accessories.

Level 34-40

Masked Owls is one of my favorite grinding spots at this stage. Here you can collect an absolute ton of trash jewelry. So why care about trash accessories? You don’t! I care about the make up of those accessories. Heating them through the processing window has a chance to gain knowledge, and are valuable materials in crafting. Rubies, diamonds, silver, and more can be found with these. The leveling speed is nice too.

Level 41 to 45

What mobs? That’s what you’re here for. Giants, Abandoned Land, or Saunil Camp. I don’t really like Abandoned Land. There’s some decent quests there and decent exp to be gained -but I prefer to grind either Saunil or Giants to 45. Why? Saunil has good quests and and decent density of monsters for good exp. Giants has neither of those things, but DOES have a great chance of dropping Ancient Relic Crystal Shards. I normally get 5 or so if I grind though my levels here. Which is worth it to me as I do a lot of enhancements and those Shards create a good amount of memory fragments.

Level 45 – 50 roughly

Mansha Forest – Rhutums. I’m including Rhutums becuase of how close it is in reference to Manshas, but it is not quite as good as Manshas. Grinding Manshas will get you to 50 quickly. Once you are 50, you can move over to Catfishmen. All three of these are in close proximity to each other, and their Daily Quest representatives are s close together that grinding all 3 of these mobs at the same time is exceptionally viable. This will collect you quite a bit of loot as well as silver.

Level 50 – 53

Really 48 to 55 is viable here. There are a variety of reasons I do not recommend this. Catfishmen and manshas can break each other’s mind grind, and will get you to 52 / 53, quickly. This sets you up for probably the most important levels there are. Which are:

Level 54 – 56

Helm Miners is the only viable option here if you’re a first time player / brand new character. Yes, other creators will suggest sausans, Abandoned Iron Mines, or somewhere else. Which can be great options for an alternate character. If this is your first character or are still relatively new (meaning, you have never collected a complete Asula set at least), then stay at Helms until you have a full Asula set. And no, you can’t get a full Asula set at Helms entirely. Collect enough pieces to exchange for the belt, and any other pieces you need. Don’t leave Helms until you are BOTH 56, and have a full Asula set. If you’re experienced, go ahead and hit Sausans as long as you can handle them gear wise.

If this process did indeed take you several days, you should have collected a few Hunter Seals. You will need to exchange these for Grade 3 Armor Reform Stones and Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stones. If you have been tending your garden and other forms of gathering, hopefully you have found enough Hard Black Crystals and Sharp Black Crystal Shards. These heated together will reward you with Ultimate Reform Stones to ultimate your weapons and armor.


Life Skilling – You should have collected many Crop crates from your Crop Factory (found in your city storage) to trade. Continue expanding your crate making business and grinding new mobs until you can ultimate all of your gear. Connect nodes via the world map and trade those crates to build your trading skill. You may also wish to afk fish when need as well to add to the trade exchange.

This is what your gear should look like before you move on. Ultimate +15 gear and a full Asula set. You can now move on to other guides (of mine to come) hit me up on discord to discuss how this helped you or to play with us! Social buttons below.

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