How to Enhance TET Boss Gear in Black Desert Online from a PS4 Gamer’s Perspective

So you’ve watched or read some of my other content on failstacking / enhancing, and you’re ready to take your gear to the next level. You have enhanced the art of failing successfully in Black Desert Online and your ready to tackle the next prize. Well, getting boss gear to TET is sure to be quite a feat for you! I hope you became okay with failure with to this point because TET boss gear is sure to be a challenge to your nerves otherwise.


There are people who have this task down to a science. I titled this “from a PS4 Gamer’s Perspective”, for a couple reasons. First, because we PS4 (Now console players as we are cross-played with XBox One) do not have all of the content that PC gamers have. Also, being a PS4 Gamer, I haven’t played the game as long as others as we have had access to the game for the shortest span. That being said, I am still learning myself. My guides are moreso “What I Do’s”, rather than traditional end-all, be-all guides. That being said, this is what I do currently to get my boss gear to TET. My method works just fine as I do this successfully quite often. I hope it helps, but there are plenty of other videos and articles for you to try if this method isn’t appealing to you. Thanks for reading and watching my content, and with that -let’s begin.

If you follow my other content you already know how important it is to have alternate characters (alts). You will likely need 3 total characters to complete this TET process I am laying out. I strongly recommend you get more than 3 characters moving forward for a variety of reasons, but 3 will work just fine for this. As I go through the steps in this article you will see that I use my Warrior (main) to store the TET failstack. I then use my Musa to store the Tri failstack. I then use my Shai to return the eventual / hopeful TET item back to DUO from PRI. There is no reason I selected those characters for each stage. They are simply the characters I use the most, and like the most right now.

RogueCorp Gaming on YouTube How to Enhance TET Boss Gear in Black Desert Online from a PS4 Gamer’s Perspective

As you can see here, I have 3 total gear pieces at TRI. A TRI Kutum Shield, TRI Nouver Shield, and Muskan’s Shoes. This is important because enhancing is all about probability and doing it in as cheap of a manner as possible. This is not a cheap process by any means, so the less we can spend -the better. When I got my Giath Helmet to TET, I spent a hair over 600 million silver to get it there. The helmet had a central market value of 1.2B at that time, so that’s a good deal! The hope is to do it cheaper than that though. The amount it takes really depends on how fast you want it. If you grind all the pieces you’ll need yourself will be much cheaper than if you buy all of the memory fragments and enhancement stones from the Central Market. Not to mention acquiring the gear piece itself.

So I have my three TRI pieces. The plan here is that I do not know which of these pieces will enhance first. I can set priority forward or backward. Either Nouver, Kutum, Muskans, or Muskan’s, Kutum, Nouver. Priority is placed where you put it. Me, I really want either these Muskan’s or the Nouver to pop for me. So I grind for enough stuff to make one of them TET, once I get it -I save up items for the other two later. Here are the steps I use here:

  1. Collect failstack(s) worthy of a TET, TRI, and DUO attempt
  2. TET Attempt
  3. TRI Attempt
  4. DUO Attempt
  5. Repeat upwards steps 4-2, and 2-4, as needed.

Step 1

Step 1. Collecting failstacks. If you want to be a success at failure then knowing how to failstack is very important. BUT, what I do, is create a new character and use my own guide to leveling a character,—a-ps4-gamer’s-perspective-on-new-characters-in-bdo/ , to get to level 55 in order to start the Valenica 1 Quest. One of the rewards of this quest is an Advice of Valks +50. This and other rewards you can get in game are the best ways to begin TET attempts for casual gamers. This takes me approximately 6 hours to obtain. Many players have ways of doing it faster, but my casual method is perfect for me. There are other Advice of Valks you can obtain here for your other TRI, DUO attempts as well. For this example I used a +100 Advice of Valks obtained by the Cross-play update reward. This or the 50 is adequate to start attempting TET.

Step 2 TET Attempt

Now that I have at least 1 failstack prepared for each attempt, I are ready to attempt my first TET try. For this example, I load my TRI Nouver into the Black Spirit, select my +100 (or +50) Advice of Valks, and add 10 Valk’s Cry into the enhancement window. Now I have +110 stacked. (or +60). Each attempt will cost me 1x Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) or 1x Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) depending which category of gear I am working on. More often than not -I fail. Failing a TET attempt with a TRI gear piece will likely knock the piece back to DUO. BUT, I gained +1 to the failstack (stack). Giving me slightly better odds when I get back to this step. This is why we DO NOT USE CRON STONES for TET attempts. I simply try the next piece of my 3 that I wish to TET eventually, and try again. The hope is that one of them will succeed on it’s first try. If it does -I’m done for now. If it doesn’t -I proceed to the next steps until one does succeed it’s TET attempt.


Step 3 TRI Attempt

Since we DID NOT USE CRON STONES for our TET attempt, we were downgraded to DUO on all three pieces. This step we try to get them back to TRI in order to attempt our TET try again. It is okay to use Cron Stones here as there is a decent chance to succeed on a +20 to +30 stack. I do not use Cron Stones here myself as I try to keep it cheap and Cron Stones can be very expensive. If we get our TRI, we go back to step 2. If not -continue down the list. Many players will actually use cron stones for the TRI attempt. If you do, its not that bad as you do not need as many stacks necessarily, but this can get expensive. If you have them, use them, but not required.

Step 4 Duo Attempt

Since we DID NOT USE CRON STONES for our TRI attempt, we were downgraded to PRI on all three pieces. This step we try to get them back to DUO in order to attempt our TRI try again. It is more so okay to use Cron Stones here as there is a decent chance to succeed on a +20 stack or less. I do not use Cron Stones here myself as I try to keep it cheap and Cron Stones can be very expensive. If we get our DUO, we go back to step 3. If not -continue down the list.

Step 5 Repeat until Complete

TET attempts can be one tapped or can take several times to complete. Repeating this over and over will eventually succeed. It is just a matter of time. Many players get overwhelmed or frustrated by the number of times they fail back to DUO or PRI, but this is the nature of the game.

This is why I save up enough memory fragments, valks cry, advice of valks, and other items to make a day of it every so often. In the example I am using here, my Muskan’s Shoes eventually popped to TET. So now, all there is left to do is return my Nouver and Kutum to TRI and repair them for when I’ve collected enough enhancement materials to try again. This game is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, but eventually I will get them all there. I am very happy with the Muskan’s at this point.



Additional Tips: A lot of players save any failstack over 90 for PEN attempts and 50+ failstacks for TET attempts. This could be the best chance you get to begin PEN attempts. As you may have guessed, you’ll need more characters and more resources. You can get the 50 stack from the Valencia 1 quest line. Adding 10 Valk’s Cry making it automatically +60. You will likely fail a lot, but enjoy the ride.

Additional Tips: Many players “nickle and dime” their enhancements. This will only get you so far. I have found it more efficient to save up a ton of resources to make a day of enhancing several items. At least ten items before I do anything. The bigger the project, the more resources you should save.

Hope this information helps you get your first TET. After doing a TET, you will feel like you can get anything to TRI very easily. Aand you can! Maybe you can eventually get a PEN too! Let me know what you guys are working on! Game up info below.

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