Golf Battle on Mobile – Fun Mobile Games for iPhone & Android

Golf Battle is a fun game to kill time just like many of the games I review here on http://www.RogueCorp.Online

Throughout this article you will see some game play from the various maps and modes to see what you can expect in your game play experience. The very first map is Pine Forest 1:

Pine Forest

This is a fun map to get used to the kind of golfing you are able to do in the game. There are 2 primary modes to play. Classic and Rush. Lucky Shot is also available, but it is literally just taking one shot at a hole in one with an advanced difficulty for a prize. You get one chance per day. Here is the Rocky Mountains map:

Rocky Mountains

Classic Mode

Classic mode is the regular mode. This is also the mode being played in the videos. You are timed in a sense, but how many strokes you take is more important than the time it takes. To win, get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots for each round. Tie breaker is based on the time it takes. So if you and your opponent make a hole in one, the first to sink it, takes the lead. Here is the Snowy Valley map:

Snowy Valley

Rush Mode

Rush Mode is played on the same maps as Classic. The difference here is that the first to sink all the holes is the winner. You don’t wait for anyone. You just play until you’re done, and if you finish faster than all other players -you win! Here is the Mayan Jungle Map:

Mayan Jungle

I highly recommend this game as a way to get through your bathroom time with a fun experience. This is a highly addictive game that all can enjoy. Super huge golf fans may not enjoy it though, as it is more of a mini golf type of game. I am a golf fan and I enjoy it, so it is worth a look.

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