What to Watch – First We Feast – Hot Ones the YouTube Series – Hot Ones the Game Show

First We Feast, Hot Ones, Hot Ones the Game Show and any other facet of this show can be watched on YouTube, YouTubeTV, TruTV, and FirstWeFeast.com. First We Feast is the first portion of the shows that many people will be familiar with, or is the one that viewers find after seeing an episode of Hot One’s The Game Show. Any and all of these may be the show for you!

Hot Ones and Hot Ones the Game Show are both Hosted by Sean Evans. Sean Evans is an American YouTuber and producer from Illinois. He is featured on the YouTube, First We Feast, which has over 8 million subscribers.

Hot Ones

On the YouTube Hit, Hot Ones, Sean Evans interviews many celebrities like, Will Ferrell, Gordon Ramsey, Paul Rudd, Kevin Hart, Adam DeVine, and many many more. This show I highly recommend if you are fans of any of the featured stars being interviewed. Find out what bombs they drop about your favorites shows and actors/actresses as they are interviewed while eating 10 scorching hot wings. Adam Devine, from Pitch Perfect and Workaholics, drops some very hilarious knowledge about his part in those roles.

Hot Ones the Game Show

Sean Evans has gone on to host this hit on TruTV. Hot Ones the Game Show is very similar to many game type shows that are out there. The show really takes off with the personality of Sean Evans himself. Steve Harvey makes Family Feud in my mind, and Sean Evans makes Hot Ones the Game Show.

Just a quick look at What to Watch this week. If you have never seen either of these shows! Go look at them on YouTube, TruTv, or at FirstWeFeast (dot) com.

For other shows or to game up with us – use the buttons below.

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