Johnny Trigger Mobile Game by SayGames Level 35 Boss Fighting on Johnny Trigger

Johnny Trigger published by SayGames for iOS and Android. This game right off the bat is a fun boredom killer. It is probably not something you will play religiously; however, you may find yourself getting addicted to it in your bored times rather quickly.

This game features customization options which we all enjoy. Different outfits and weapons are about the extent of the customization options, which is a slight knock for me. Especially doing these videos, I like to have a cool looking character to showcase. I am rocking the psycho outfit as you can see in my videos. The problem is that it’s an “outift”. That being said, the customization goes no further than exactly what it is. I do like it, though, I wish I could have options to change shoes, for example.

Weapon options are cool and require you to change your load out based on the mission at hand. A burst fire weapon may not be the best option when precision is needed. Other times you need to pack a little extra punch.

Lvl 35 Boss fight on Johnny Trigger

I had a slight issue with glitching graphics after choosing new outfits. I tried a few different outfits other than the default 007 looking outfit, only to find the same glitching visuals. It was only a slight glitch in the graphics surrounding my character, but it was enough to draw my eye away from the game.

Other than that, this was a cute, fun boredom killer that I would recommend anyone wishing to kill some time in the bathroom, at the DMV, or while watching your kid’s soccer game. Give it a go, and tell us what you think!

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