Don’t Starve Together – A Cute, Survival Game You Can Play with Your Significant Other.

Do you have a gamer girlfriend/ boyfriend and want a console game that you both can enjoy? Are you looking to get your husband or wife into gaming as an activity you can enjoy together? Fantastic. Gaming together should never be confused with an actual date ladies’ and gentlemen; however, this can be a nice supplement to a healthy relationship together. We online Romeo’s can plan a great gaming evening on Thursday, and then take her for Lobster on Friday. Or, game a bit before the light’s go out, but after the Olive Garden and whatever show you found from RogueCorp.Online’s #Whattowatch segment.

Don’t Starve: Together is the stand-alone expansion of Don’t Starve. I downloaded mine as a set for $15.00 USD from the PSN Store. If you can find yourself a deal like that – take it. Otherwise they are $14.99 each separately. If you and your sweetie intend to get into the game, I recommend getting both games. There are also several add-ons to choose from, but there is plenty of content on either to have a blast.

In the video, you can see a little bit of the split-screen game play experience enjoyed by my own significant other and me. We absolutely love the game. We have had numerous playing sessions together, and I must say the bond and teamwork created through this experience is worth the effort, fellas.

So what is the game?

Don’t Starve is the single player base game which features additional expansions and unique experience. I highly recommend it; however, we are going to be primarily looking at the multiplayer version of this base game –Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition. I play on PlayStation 4, but the game is also available on Xbox One, Microsoft, macOS, and Linux. This game was published and developed by Klei Entertainment. Klei Entertainment is known for their more animated than most type of titles. The graphics and overall design make this an adorable game to enjoy with a friend, family member, and our target -your significant other.

What’s it like?

The game plays like any survival game. Aside from it’s cute setting, the game can get rather… dark. My significant other often makes the comment that they should have named the game, “Don’t Let the Light’s Go Out”, rather than Don’t Starve. Neither of us ever really have an issue getting food stored for the winter, but most often forget to have fires going or have them put out by Charlie’s hand.

You will spend you days leading up to winter gathering materials, setting up camp items, and gathering more yet varying materials. There are several building options which will make your winter experience much more fruitful if you can get them set up in time. This is where coordinating / communicating with your significant other takes shape. Have your character collecting firewood while your partner is out trapping rabbits, or whatever arrangement you can come up with.

Beginner tips/tricks.

As you may or may not know, my tips and tricks are often more #WhatIDo’s. That being said, what I do / say here will relate to my personal gaming experience in Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition for PlayStation 4. What others do on another console is not something I’m familiar with.

Our biggest issue at first was on Day 9, Dogs come to tear you apart. Make sure you grab extra logs, stone, and grass to make some basic weapons to combat these pesky creatures. Send them bag to Charlie in pieces. After we we mastered the art of dog destruction, the next issue came at Day 21. It starts getting cold on Days 19 and 20, and by Day 21 it is freezing. Gradually it gets colder and colder, thus -more challenging. Having a variety of food options is best to fend off the frost. Try not to venture too far from camp, have multiple heating sources, and store food if you can. The winter will be rough at first. Which brings us to:

Game modes.

There are 3 types of game modes to be played in your split-screen adventures.

  • Survival
  • Wilderness
  • Endless

I will tell you about each of them, but I recommend trying Wilderness for your first play through. Play this mode at least through winter a few times before adding some more challenges to the mix.

Survival (default) is the traditional and toughest mode because upon death, your character must be resurrected and incur a maximum health penalty upon resurrection. The ghost character will also drive the living player mad over time. Finding resurrection devices, Touch Stones, Meat Effigy’s, or Life Giving Amulets can be challenging to find for a beginner. Time can be a enemy here as well because if both players die, a timer starts which lasts 120 seconds and if neither player is revived -the world resets.

Endless sounds like the option you may be interested in. Upon death, the character may respawn at the beginning spawn portal as many times as one can die. This is a bad option though because the respawning character incurs a maximum health penalty upon each individual spawn portal respawn. Making the rest of your game more difficult. I lost interest in this mode very quickly on my first few tries.

Wilderness is, of course, my recommended mode. The downside? When you die, you respawn on a random location on the map. This is a pain, but it also helps you get to know the map. Use your partner’s map to assist in navigation back to the team camp, and keep trying with no maximum health penalty.

What We Learned.

We learned when to take him / her out to dinner and movie, as well as when to game up. We also learned that should we decide to couch co-op, we should play Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition with our significant other. And, we learned a couple tips and tricks to starting Don’t Starve Together. I wish you all the best in your gaming / dating experiences, and as always if we helped just one person -the article is a success.

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