Borderlands 3 Further Review and a look at how to get your hands on a Sonic Cyclone

If you are like me, you had trouble figuring out the way through the secured force field in between us and the slick Sonic Cyclone. I passed it up and moved on, but later returned to try and figure it out. It was of course very obvious once I had taken another look at it. It takes some struggling now and then to get it right. Enjoy the video.

Now to give my thoughts of the game so far. I know that I said I was sticking with Moze; however, circumstances made me choose to continue with Fl4K. I really like this character. Each character offers a unique play style, and I felt I would enjoy the play of him through my first play. Your first play is the one that is new, you tend to get more into the story -so that’s where I wanted to focus.

So far I have gotten to level 25 to this point with Fl4k. I know I have a ways to go yet as games like these never really begin until the initial levels are complete.

This game has a real big feel of Division mixed with Mad Max to me at his point. Which is not a bad thing. I was no fan of Mad Max, but I loved the Division. That being said, there is a lot to like of this game which feels like a classic looter shooter with a few others concepts thrown in. Killing Floor is another good comparison, but with the Division loot-em-up system.

Very much recommend the game.

If you came for the video, and stayed for the story -thank you. I hope you all enjoyed the content, and use the buttons below to game up with us.

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