Quick look at the split screen / Couch Co-op feature on Borderlands 3

Taking a quick look at the split screen / Couch Co-op feature on Borderlands 3. One of the best features in Borderlands has to be this splitscreen feature. You can play locally with a pal, family member, or significant other. In this mode you can also invite other to join your game.

Shortly after high-jacking this Cyclone we brought in a friend to make this a 3 person team included in our split screen action. Some early game content can be very tough by yourself. I highly recommend taking full advantage of these team up features to make your game play a little more enjoyable.

Gaming with your significant other is a great way to spend an evening. Very few games these days allow local co-op or split screen features. Borderlands 3 features a variety of ways to game up with a pal, and it is also a ton of fun.

I like to video quick, seamless actions like us high-jacking this Cyclone. It was a quick action, and my teammate cleaned up the mess. Great teamwork. To connect with us, use the buttons below!

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