Borderlands 3 – Digital Unboxing – Initial thoughts and review of Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 4

I recently started playing Borderlands 3. I am not very familiar with the franchise at all. I like how so far, Borderlands 3 attempts to get me caught up on the events of previous titles, but not having playing the Borderlands 1 or 2 I feel at a disadvantage.

I started with Moze and have sense tried Fl4k as well. I like both characters, but decided to continue progressing through the game with Moze. I have also joined many social media pages with subjects on Borderlands 3. The community so far seems hit and miss with trolls, but the majority seem willing to help. Most seem to just be looking for people to play with which makes me question the longevity of the game.

Other than that though, I have uploaded some earlier game footage to show additional newcomers what they can expect initially.

I think it is a very fun game to play. The graphics are fairly unique, and allow you to get immersed in the world of Borderlands. The story is a tad tough to grasp initially. There were times I was unsure what I was trying to accomplish. Being unfamiliar with the titles probably made this the case.

Features I found most interesting.

  1. Split-screen. This Game can be played locally in an old school, couch co-op fashion. You simply need to add a controller with your pal, family member, or significant other -and get hunting. This is a very cool feature and lessens my worry of the game’s longevity as even if the player base leaves; me and my best gal can still enjoy a play through.
  2. Good mix of action packed shoot em up and exploration. I could go for hours between boss hunting and just exploring. I found the start and go-ability of this game to be a great feature. You can play for minutes and/or hours while having plenty to do in a short and long term playing capacity.
  3. First Person Looter. This game makes me feel like I’m playing a classic first person shooter / looter because that is exactly what I am playing. I feel that I am only getting a brush with the full looting experience early on, and the game continually makes me feel like I have much to grind for long term.

Overall and, to keep this digital unboxing brief -My initial thoughts of this game is very positive, and I look forward to playing long term.

Hit me up through the buttons to game up!

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