Mount & Blade: Warband Tactics and Strategy Written Story

A tingle finds my spine no matter the odds of battle. The calm before the clash of shields on shields allows roars to fill my mind. What will this battle have in store for me and the brave ones that follow.

Knowing the enemy is approaching, I command my troops to take up the positions just as we had practiced. We create lines to easily gain ranged superiority, and provide easier maneuverability as the battle progresses. I place my cavalry upon the apex of these lines in hopes of flanking ground troops upon approach.

We will create structured chaos against our foes.

I see the forces in the distance, and ready me lines. The first wave of enemy fights their way through the barrage of arrows sent from our archers and crossbowmen. I order the infantry to pass the lines of the ranged unit, and then order their charge.

The cavalry follows me from the apex to employ our flank as the infantry readies putting shield on shield. The first wave is out maneuvered and their reinforcements are out of range.

We fight on. Multiple waves fall victim to our superior strategy. The battle becomes more and more calm as our victory is secured. I look around to see the mass piles of bodies. Some of my own troops lay wasted upon the battlefield. I look around to see some fleeing. The anger of loss of my soldiers overcomes me, and in a rage I run to silence those running from battle.

Back towards the epicenter of the fight I hear a “Hoorah”. My men cheering as I run my sword across the last enemies spine. Victory is ours. We should find an area nearby to let the victors relax. Maybe I’ll find a book to read. Maybe they will be in a book someday as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and the story to follow. I am hoping to do more of this type of article. If you guys liked it let me know, and reach out to us using the buttons below.

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