Using Poke Genie assistant in Pokemon Go for Android and iPhone!

Poke Genie App

In the video, you can see me going through the various tabs in the app. These are the free features which anyone can use with the free download. They are very handy. So let’s take a look at them here. The video is me using Poke Genie assistant in Pokemon Go (POGO) for Android and iPhone!



The Pokedex let’s you keep additional information of Pokemon you register to it from the Pogo.

Name Generator

The name generator is a very helpful tool. I see people ask on social media all the time “how do you get those little numbers to the side of their name?”. Most active players in Pogo use some form of Poke assistant. I prefer Poke Genie. Those ‘little numbers’ you may ask about on social media allow me to keep track of Pokemon from a variety of screens. I add their move-sets as I have some Pokemon who have double water attacks with resistance against certain attributes, good for some scenarios, and other (same Pokemon) have electric attacks with the same resistance. Being able to identify this from just the Pokemon’s name can save time, and be very helpful.

Battle Simulator

Battle Simulator helps you find top counters to use versus the various Raid Bosses. You can find top counters within your own current arsenal or top counters within all current Pokemon. This could help you prepare for an upcoming Raid event, or let you know what Pokemon you need to be working on for the next one! You can change the weather, friendship level, attack strategy, and sort in a couple different ways.


My Pokemon

My Pokemon is another free feature that gives you an easy way to see exactly what you have.


The home screen allows you to pull up the overlay and launches Pogo automatically (setting can be changed).

Once you are in the Pokemon Go app you can access additional features. As you see in the video, when I scan a Pokemon the custom name template I have chosen automatically copies the new name to my clipboard.

That’s about it from the free version. Pokie Genie is a great tool, easy to use, and I highly recommend it to any Pokemon Go Trainer.

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