Processing Life Skill BDO- Tips and Tricks with Processing in Black Desert Online a PS4 Gamer’s Perspective

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Processing – The process of processing materials is a process in which we process materials into processed materials. Many Black Desert Online players are seemingly afraid of the various life skills. There are many benefits to committing to learning life skills; however, it has it’s share of challenges.

Processing is a life skill showed on the left side of your “My Information – Life Skill” Menu. It is there along with gathering because of its importance to life skilling in general. Processing and gathering are essential to a great merchant empire.

Processing is best built while AFK. Being AFK means that you are not actively playing at that time. An older PC term “Away from keyboard” has made it to console lingo. So why is that important? Many life skills can be done AFK in order to set you up better for later. When I come into a Black Desert Session. I first log into my Warrior (main) and accept my daily rewards, family fame fund, etc. I then go over to my cooking alt, Shai or Tamer. I cook any items I may need for the session if not already done, and then place them in storage for my Warrior to collect. I switch back to Warrior. I grab the cooked items I need and then grab whatever processing materials I will need later. For this example I will say, rubies. Rubies are common items in jewelry crafting. I go through a lot of these, so I am always in need of them. I grab a good stack of them, and then head off on my mob grinding adventure. Whenever I go to the bathroom or get a fresh cup of coffee in real life (rl), I have the Warrior process while I am AFK. Doing this during a play session is being very efficient with your session.

Karki Suit Warrior at Belgar in Altinova to buy Manos for 5,000,000 silver

Many BDO players conduct life skills while AFK for extended periods of time. Overnight while you sleep, or while you’re at work. This is bad for your PlayStation to be running 24/7, but great for your life skill character. A character can process large amounts of materials while you are AFK. One of the biggest issues players run into here is weight limits. Crafting materials have weight. Thousands of them have a lot of weight. Your character will not process while he/she is overweight. So how do we overcome this? The best way is to get a Karki Suit Set (male) or Venecil Dress Set. These are pearl shop items, of course, but they are very handy if you can get your hands on one. In addition to providing +3% Processing Success Rate, these sets also provide the wearer the ability to process materials directly from the Storage Window. That ability would make the weight issue a distant memory.

Black Desert Valkyrie Venecil Dress Set

When I do these types of articles, I like to give some good examples of things that I craft using the subject life skill. Earlier I had mentioned Rubies. So I will continue both topics by describing how I create Manos Ruby Earrings using processing and those rubies. Manos Ruby Earrings are a pain to begin crafting. The process as a whole is very lengthy, subjectively expensive, and challenging if not set up correctly. What will we need?

Manos Ruby Earring

  • Corrupt Ruby Earring x1
  • Manos x1
  • Blood Ruby x1
  • Pure Vanadium Crystal x3

Simple recipe right? Not at all. The easiest of these ingredients to get is Manos. Manos will cost you $5,000,000 silver… each. The current value of Manos Ruby Earring is $14,900,000 max bid on Central Market (CM). Its great if you are going after these because of their CM profitability, but understand there is 5m Silver off the top automatically. Manos can be purchased from a Jeweler. I use the Tier 3 Manos Jewelry Workshop and the Tier 5 Jewelry Workshop in Altinova. They are Altinova 5-8 (Manos) and Altinoa 4-5 (Jeweler). They will cost you 11 Contribution Points (CP) each, for a total of 22 CP. You are already 5m silver in the whole so you can see how expensive this endeavor is. Blood Rubies and Pure Vanadium Crystals require more knowledge than the average beginner has.

Where do I obtain this knowledge in order to continue? Look at your quests. Tab over to the “Suggested” tab of the quest menu. Scroll to [Certificate] Skilled Paradigm. If you have any future in crafting with your own resources. You will need to complete this. To craft all the required items for this exercise though, you will need to advance to level 6/11. This will give you knowledge in the areas to process gem polisher, which is needed for Blood Ruby and Metal Solvent, used to make Pure Vanadium Crystals. Vatudun in Keplan is your quest giver for these. Pay attention to the quest, and you will know how to make both Pure Vanadium crystals from Skillfully Heating Vanadium Ingots and Metal Solvent as well as Blood Rubies from Skillfully Shaking Gem Polisher and Resplendent Rubies.

The Teir 5 Jeweler is your area of focus now. Corrupt Ruby Earrings require you to make Dark Blood Ruby Earrings which are made with Blood Ruby Earrings which are made with Resplendent Ruby Earrings which are made with Ruby Earrings. If you are counting, that’s 5 Tiers of earrings required to make the 6th stage, Manos Ruby Earrings.

As you can see, processing plays a huge role in crafting these upper echelon items. All life skills can work hand in hand. As a bonus: refer to my farming: for Pure Powder Reagent and Clear Liquid Reagent for a head start on the required Alchemy. You will need to touch on all of these items to complete Vatudun’s [Certificate] Skilled Paradigm quest in order to craft these upper echelon items.

Now back to processing in general. What are some additional ways to increase our efficiency in processing aside from pearl shop items and AFK processing? Almost everything you can process, can also be processed by your workers. Workers can do this while you’re AFK, online at all, or even while you’re offline. There are a variety of workshops in which workers can be assigned to handle processing that you’re character may not be qualified to do yet. New characters cannot even chop wood into plywood in the beginning. Even the most Naive Worker can though! A Teir 1 Wood Workbench and any worker can create any type of available Plywood. You just need the previous staged item in the storage of the city where you would like the work to take place. This method, no matter what you’re making, is slower than you processing the materials yourself. Still, this is a great method to have being done in tandem of any processing your character is doing. This will not work for everything you are going to need for Manos Ruby Earrings but it can be a good way of making some of the materials, freeing up your character for the rest.

What are some other valuable things we can process?


In cooking, many recipes require grain flour, fish, or other meat. Some of my other life skill guides tackle some of this, so here we will look at some recipes that require processing. Chicken With Stew Grains is a cooking product which can be cooked at lower cooking levels and if consumed, gives a +5% Amity Gain buff. To make Chicken With Stew Grains, you will need your cooking skill to be at or over Beginner 6. The recipe is simple:

Chicken With Stew Grains

  • Minced Bird Meat x2
  • Mineral Water x2
  • Grain x3

Minced bird meat made by Grinding chicken meat in the processing window. The benefit of this recipe though is the fact that it can be made with a low cooking skill, low grinding knowledge, and it also gives that +5% Amity Gain. Which can be valuable when trying to get your hands on cheap furniture or Grunil armor!

Fried fish is another good recipe to craft which requires low skill and knowledge. Its benefit is +1 Movement Speed. Eating any cooking recipe product will help fill your Health Stat as well! Large amounts of fried fish can be made in one sitting, is light weight, and makes the perfect to go snack because it adds to your movement speed. People have asked me though, How do you make large amounts of Fish related recipes when it takes awhile to collect a lot of fish while fishing? Simple. Dry those fish! Recipes that require 1 fish, will also accept 2 dried fish in its place. So the recipe for Fried Fish is:

Fried Fish

Fish Factory Port Epheria
  • Fish x1 OR Dried Fish x2
  • Grain Flour x3
  • Deep Frying Oil x2

Deep frying oil can be bought from most innkeepers or cooking supply vendors. One last note on fish is a “What I Do”. I personally dry ALL of the fish I catch while AFK. One of my other guides describes that the first time you dry a new species will give you knowledge of [Species]: Dried. There are additional benefits as well. Many things I craft require fish. By drying every fish, ensures I will have enough of one species at any given time that I can be AFK cooking longer on one recipe rather than having to change out fish types when resources are low. I also use many species in my fish factory. Having workers package dried fish into bulk trade items will be more profitable and efficient that fishing and running to the trade merchant in the long run.

Hopefully you can now see the importance of Processing in Black Desert Online. PlayStation is notably behind both Xbox1 and PC in BDO. This is why I have decided to make these articles from a PS4 gamer’s perspective. My Beginner’s Guides are intended to be more “What I Do’s” and I try to throw in some valuable tips and tricks. Not everything I do may worth for everyone, but these are the ways I do things which work well for me.

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