February PS Plus Games – What Games to Play in February 2020

Do you believe we are already into February 2020? This is supposed to be a good year for the announcement of next generation consoles and games, but that could still be a long distance away. So what do we play til then?

This month Sony looks to feature 3, formerly hit games in the free section of PS Plus. Most of us PS gamers are PS Plus members, as it is required for some online features of PlayStation 4. Normally, PS Plus only features 1 or 2 new games during a given month. This month is an exception as Sony attempts to revamp interest in their VR system. Speculators believe this is due to the eventual announcement of PlayStation 5 and the newest V2; Sony’s upcoming new VR system.

There was a time we PS gamers would open out PS Plus accounts in the PS Store and see a plethora of free games added to PS Plus. Now, we are supposed to get excited about an increase to 3 (technically 5 and you’ll see why) total adds. It has been some time it seems, but 1 of these 3 games might be worth the excitement. So what are they?

  1. BioShock: The Collection. This is a series developed by numerous publishers throughout its existence; 2K Games and Arcane Studios being the most notable. This PS Plus add features 3 games with 1 free purchase. BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Inifinite all remastered to the latest gaming engines. This is an exciting game especially to those who are unfamiliar with the titles. This is a good chance to check out the franchise game, and see if this features a world for you. Already a fan? Well this is a no brainer download for you.
  2. Sims 4. Maxis and The Sims Studio became very popular and profitable in the early 2000’s with the production of several games in the genre of Simulation Games. This was a time when simulation games were “all the rage”, and this development companies sought to gain their foothold in long term success. There are now a ton of games in existence in the Sims series. If you played any of these over the last 20 years then you may just want to check out a newer version of it with Sims 4. Speaking of 20 years, anybody remember The Urbz: Sims in the City for PlayStation 2?
  3. Firewall Zero Hour. This is a First Person Shooter (FPS) developed by First Contact Entertainment for Sony’s VR System. This is the game it appears Sony has chosen to begin its campaign to making headlines with its VR System ahead of their V2 announcement. If I were to try out VR for the first time, this game would be at the top of the try list.

There you have it. There is my take on what to play in February 2020. I wanted to crank out this information as we are approaching February in just a few hours, and I also wanted to give an update to the RogueCorp Online Community. Those of you asking where the new Black Desert Online content is. I am happy to inform you all that more content is on the way soon! February is going to be an exciting month for the RogueCorp Online Community. There is a lot of growth for us to make, many LiveStreams to have, giveaways, and more Online content to install. So I hope you are all looking forward to it.

Not a member of the community? Join us with the buttons below and check us out. The community starts with the Discord as this is the best way for me to keep up with you all. Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and here are great ways to keep up with us. Thanks for reading!

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