Fearless During 1v1 PvP Archer Arrow Barrage Mount & Blade: Warband Fight & Destroy Multiplayer PvP

The epic sounds of the distant battle missed only one trait. The sound of my own steel hitting steel. I rush toward the sound, hoping to find my own slice of victory.

Against instinct, I rush down a fatal funnel created by the urban terrain of the battlefield knowing I was a prime target for enemies waiting for such an easy prize.

I am saddened when a familiar whistle enters my ear. I am then gladdened as I am not dead. This must be a sign from the Gods. My glory hath not been taken from me by my ignorance and lack of respect for fatal funnels on the battlefield.

I turn to find the one which made the sound. My enemy.

100 feet of deadly land separate me from my enemy. 100 feet of chances for him to grab this glory for himself.

Forward I go. Feeling the force of arrow and arrow hitting my shield sends aches throughout my body, but my legs won’t let me stop.

Closer and closer, I push on. As I approach, I see the the scared in his eyes. A wise look to have, for you had 100 feet to claim this glory. Now, the glory is all mine.

I keep the memories of your failure on my shield. I think of you whenever I grab another piece of glory from the battlefield. All the chances you had. Sometimes we only get 1 foot of chances. Your 100 remind me why I’m fighting. So to you. Thank you, and good night.

This video showcases one of the multiplayer modes, Fight & Destroy, in Mount & Blade: Warband. This is a mode in which features 2 opposing teams. Each team member only gets one life and when all of one team has fallen, the team left standing is the winner. There are many multiplayer modes in M&B: Warband. Many of which will appear on this site.

I am building interest for the upcoming new title from TaleWorlds Entertainment, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. This is a title from TaleWorlds (TW) that I am just now stumbling upon. TW mostly deals in the production of PC only games. They decided to bring this group to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and I was lucky enough to discover it 3 years after release. I have the trailer posted in another article. So if you would like to look into the game, please see that at: https://roguecorponline.wordpress.com/2020/01/26/mount-blade-ii-bannerlord-trailer-and-my-personal-hype/

Thanks for watching and reading. The video itself is rather short, but there are many more to come for all viewer types. If you would like to join in our gaming community, please reach out to us through the various methods seen onsite and the buttons below.

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