Fishing – A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in Black Desert Online

For those of you unfamiliar with my guides, they are more “what I do’s”. I try to give information about the topic itself, and then go into some of the things I do which add a little bit of efficiency for me. These tips and tricks may not fit all, but all methods are worth a try. If you try a method and it doesn’t work for you then either try again or try another way. If you try a method, and it works for you -then great. Add it to your style.

This article on fishing specifically will take a look at the items and gear I use to make fishing a little easier, some key spots you may find me fishing, and a couple other handy tips and tricks that hopefully someone finds useful. My experience comes from PlayStation 4. This is my preferred gaming device. Some facts and market information seen in the article reflects PS4 information at the time of writing.

Items and Gear

The items and gear I’m specifically targeting in this article are ones I still use, and are available very early on. Consumables, clothes, and tools can all add to our fishing experience.

Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes

Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes can often be bought from the Central Market (CM), or you can craft them. This clothing provides +1 Fishing, +1 Movement Speed and +16 Defense Points (DP) at base level. A look at levels:

Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes.

LvlDPMovementFishingFishing XP

As I mentioned above, you can purchase them from the CM, or craft them yourself. So how do you craft them?

My Warrior has found a home in Heidel. That is where I do a lot of crafting. I, of course, do craft other things elsewhere as Heidel isn’t very large, so it doesn’t have everything. It does have 3 Costume Mills capable of becoming Tier 2 Costume Mills. You will only need a Tier 1 for Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes; however, it can be nice to go ahead and get one capable of Tier 2 for later use -should you decide to do more with it. Calpheon and Altinova also lay home to several Costume Mills; however, Altinova currently only features Tier 1 Costume Mills on PS4 at this time. (Unsure about other platforms, and unsure if that will change). The one that I use in Heidel is Heidel 7-4, 2F. It costs 8 Contribution Points (CP) to unlock. Once you unlock it, you are ready to start crafting your first costume. The Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes crafting ingredients are:

Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes

  • Powder of Time x10
  • Black Stone Powder x15
  • Flax Fabric x10

Black Stone Powder

This is a very simple recipe; however, it features items that a newcomer may not be familiar with yet. That is not the case with Black Stone Powder. Black Stone Powder is one of the first crafting items we run into in Velia. It is best to process it yourself though. I like to grind mobs at Abandoned Iron Mine. Defeating the various *Violent* enemies, Imp Work Supervisor & Troll Work Supervisor, will drop Crystal Covered in Black Ash. These have a chance of giving you a good quality Crystal for your gear; however, it is more likely you will end up with an abundance of useless ones. Which isn’t a bad thing here. Grind up every last one of those useless stones in the processing window. This will be a quick, cheap way of acquiring large amounts of Black Stone Powder without much effort.

Powder of Time

Powder of Time is one of those crafting ingredients that may be new to a newcomer, but is best gained from a node. There are several nodes which allow you to collect Powder of Time. The folks at Incendar have a wonderful tool that I use often, as remembering this off the top of one’s head would be tough the deeper they get into working with nodes. The one for Powder of Time can be found here: I have multiple of the ones listed here for this crafting item as well as other crafting items I find useful for other projects.

Flax Fabric

I get every last piece of my regular Flax, and sometimes Flax Thread, from a node -Costa Farm. It is south east of Heidel, just across the bridge. You may remember it from the Isabella Halloween Event back in October. I use this place because it is perfectly positioned near Heidel, where I do the majority of my crafting. It builds in my Heidelian Storage until I am ready to process it. I then dawn my Karki Suit, and process it directly in the storage window. Heating Flax will produce Flax Thread; Grinding Flax Thread will produce Flax Fabric.

Now that you have the only 3 required materials, the Costume Mill itself, and workers set up in the town you wish to craft the clothes -you’re ready to begin! As you can see, the worker I have assigned to this task will take a little less than an hour to make 1 Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes. This amount will differ depending on your worker’s level and skill set.

We have our Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes on now and are ready to fish. But wait! There’s more! If you keep reading, I will share with you a few more “What I do’s” to get you even more ready to attack those ever DESIRABLE Yellow Grade Fish!

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about cooking recipes here, but I will give one recipe that benefits fishing speed before we move on. If your Cooking Skill level is at least Beginner 6. You can craft Aloe Yogurt. If it’s not Beginner 6 yet? Get yourself cooking up some Beer for your workers until it is! If your Cooking is at least Skilled 5, you have a chance at producing Thick Aloe Yogurt when cooking Aloe Yogurt.

Aloe Yogurt+1 Fishing Speed30 minutes30 minutes
Thick Aloe Yogurt+1 Fishing Speed45 minutes30 minutes

Fishing speed is very important when it comes to Fishing Hotspots especially. Hotspots do not last forever, and the likelihood that you get there right as it’s spawning isn’t very likely. So any edge we can get here is key. We will not be tackling fishing hotspots in this article, but we will have a heavy article over it very soon. Fishing speed is important for even the most basic fishing as well.

The recipe for Aloe Yogurt is very simple:

Aloe Yogurt

  • Aloe x5
  • Milk x2
  • Sugar x3
  • Leavening Agent x3

Incendar can show you the best node for Aloe. Sugar and Leavening Agent are bought from most cooking vendors or innkeepers. Milk, as you can see is a key ingredient in many of my guides. You might as well get used to it. There are always millions of dollars of Milk pre-ordered on the CM. It is one of the top resources to get tons of, so figure it out! My farming guide can help you here:

Moving on from cooking. The next thing we can do to boost our fishing is, Alchemy. For this particular article, we will focus on Fisher’s Elixir, aka Elixir of Fisher. Simple right? If your character is at least Apprentice 1 in alchemy, you can craft Fisher’s Elixir. Crafting this item while at or above Professional 1 gives you a chance to produce Elixir of Experienced Fisher. The differences are subtle, yet helpful:

ProductEffectDuration Cooldown
Elixir of Fisher+2 Fishing8 minutes10 seconds
Elixir of Experienced Fisher+2 Fishing5 minutes10 seconds

and the recipe goes like this:

Elixir of Fisher

  • Wise Man’s Blood x1
  • Sunrise Herb x6
  • Fir Sap x3
  • Powder of Flame x2

Not Apprentice 1 in Alchemy? Not Professional 1? Get yourself a Shai alt character. She comes equipped with Alchemy and Gathering automatically at Professional 1! See… you were Pro 1 all along!

Ingredient information. Several nodes provide plenty of Powder of Flame, see my farming guide for Sunrise Herb, collect Fir Sap using a fluid collector on a Fir Tree (all around Heidel, Velia, & Western Guard Camp).

As for the Wise Man’s Blood. Black Desert has various types of bloods which take a bit of skill to produce. Many people in the game are absolutely terrified of these. They are not that hard once you get set up correctly. A good life skiller needs to commit for the long term! I will be featuring an article on these types of bloods soon, but do not be discouraged. You can do this, and after a few times -you will be a pro, not just your Shai.

So far we have tackled Clothing, Cooking, and Alchemy. We have gained +3 Fishing, +1 Fishing Speed, Boosted our Fishing experience, and possibly created an alt.

We have yet to tackle a fishing rod though. Might be a waste getting our fishing, fishing speed, and fishing experience up in Black Desert if we don’t have a single fishing rod. Black desert features several types of fishing tools. Rods, floats, harpoons, but what we will focus on is 1 fishing rod in particular. The one I suggest any beginner looking to become a pro fisherman should try to get! This is the Balenos Fishing Rod of Catch Only Gold Fish. Only a joke. It is simply the Balenos Fishing Rod. Sounded good though.

Balenos Fishing Rod

Why this one? Well, it has no level requirement, grants the user with auto fishing time decrease, is repairable, and can be enhanced up to +10 with Black Stone (Weapon). I will tell you, for me, it is not worth the time to enhance it to +10. +5 or so is perfect, until you get a better one after you become a pro fisherman, but that’s just where I stand on it. I also will be doing an in-depth guide on crafting these types of things, so I wont get to heavy into it, but just know -you need to get your hands on one of these. A quick glance at crafting it will suffice for this article.

Balenos Fishing Rods For Sale on PS4 Central Market 1/27/2020 – RogueGOOSE1

Balenos Fishing Rod

  • Pure Copper Crystal x5
  • Steel x2
  • Ash Timber x1
  • Black Stone Powder x15
  • Monk’s Branch x9

As for a quick understanding of why I don’t go into certain things in certain articles; Pure Copper Crystals and Steel, for example, require more character knowledge than the average Beginner has. This type of thing will be for a more advanced guide. If you can get one of these rods from the CM, I strongly recommend doing so. I personally sell them often. If not, get the best fishing rod (maybe several) until you can get a Balenos Fishing Rod.

The last thing as far as items we could find helpful for beginners is paste bait. All you need to do here is fish some seaweed for Crio in Velia. Crio is that little Otter close to the shoreline of Velia, next to the storage facility. Keep all of the seaweed you get from fishing and give 3 of them to Crio as apart of his daily quest. He will reward you with Paste Bait. Paste Bait lasts for 5 minutes and grants

Now, you may have a new alt, a Balenos Fishing Rod with Bait, Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes, some consumables, you are ready to begin fishing!


Why you ask? Before you start selling fish, dry them. Yes, selling fish will up your Trading Skill. Catching a type of fish for the first time gives you knowledge of that fish. Drying them though, will give you the knowledge that fish dried! 2 pieces of knowledge per 1 new fish. If it’s a fish you’ve already caught and dried, do whatever you want with them. and there is lots do do with them. That is for another advanced article though. For now, catch & dry.

Some final thoughts.

There is a ton of information to take in when it comes to fishing, or any other topic in Black Desert. No one article could ever deliver all of the information regarding fishing in BDO, and if there was -it would be so long that you wouldn’t want to read it. Here we tried to pack as much information and tips into a beginner’s article as possible while keeping the article to a manageable length. It probably went longer than I had intended originally, but it just shows how much there is that goes into fishing, even at a beginner level. I hope at least 1 person found 1 thing that is helpful. If this article did that, it was successful.

As always if you would like to join or further check out the RogueCorp Online Gaming Community, see the buttons below for Discord, Facebook, or YouTube below.

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