What to Watch This Week Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez on Netflix

What to watch this week? Perhaps you will enjoy, “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” (2020). This is a gaming blog, yes. I am one of those people with a Playstation 4 who became tired of paying for cable or satellite tv, and decided to subscribe to Playstation Vue. After quite some time enjoying various channels like; TLC, TBS, NFL Network, and more right from my favorite device, Sony has decided to discontinue PSVue services indefinitely. This has led me to rely less and less on PSVue for my streaming service, as in about a week, PSVue will officially be done. Our January payment is already cashed, and it will be the last dime Sony gets from me for PSVue. Don’t fret though Sony, you will still bank off me on other services and games.

PSVue leaving has led me to finding interesting shows on other streaming services. The one to talk about today is; “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez“. I am a fan of the NFL and a fan on any documentary about O.J Simpson as well. So I felt that this series was right up my ally. It also happens that I was a fan of Aaron Hernandez as a football player. I watched him play in his time with those Florida Gators as well as with the New England Patriots.

In this article, I am not going to talk about what happens in the show. If you find any portion of the NFL, crime shows, or documentaries in general interesting then this might be something for you to check out. What I will tell you is more of the specifications regarding the show itself i.e. length, how to watch, when you might want to watch, etc.

For me, this is a great show to watch with someone of significance. (Spouse, date, friend). It makes the perfect Netflix and Chill series. I say series because this is 1 documentary, split into 3 episodes or parts. Each part is about an hour each. So about 2 movies long in show terms. It can only be watched on Netflix, legally.. and is worth the time.

It’s length though is the only reason for adjusting when you might want to watch it. It could be a smooth way of getting a 2nd and 3rd date with someone if you plan each episode in advance, or binge the whole friggin’ thing in one sitting.

As a fan of the story, the NFL, and of the player, I couldn’t wait to watch this as soon as I learned about it. I’m not giving any spoilers, but there was a lot about the story presented in this series that I was unaware of. Being such a fan, that surprised me.

In closing, I highly recommend this show. This article is made primarily for the use of my Gaming Community; however, if you’re someone out side of the gaming world -thanks for reading. I hope it was informative, and if you watched the show because of this article, please let me know below. If you are in the gaming world and would like to be apart of our community, see the buttons below.

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