Farming, Fences, and What to Farm for in Black Desert Online

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Farming is a great life skill to build upon in Black Desert Online. You can use farming to help other life skills as well. Gathering, alchemy, cooking, fishing, trading, processing, can all be benefited through farming. How you ask? Every time you “gather” from your fence, you are boosting your gathering. The products you gather from fences can be used in various cooking and alchemy recipes, and can even be altered through the processing window for more recipes.


How to get started farming.

Black Desert Strong Fence Example

To get started, you will need a fence. There are 5 types of fences to use.

  • SHABBY FENCE – this is a quest reward, so it costs you no Contribution Points (CP), and has 1 farming plot.
  • SMALL FENCE – costs 3 CP and gives 4 farming plots.
  • PLAIN FENCE – costs 6 CP and gives 7 farming plots.
  • STRONG FENCE – 10 CP, 10 farming plots.
  • OLD MOON FENCE – 10 CP, 10 farming plots.

You can have a maximum of 10 farming plots, as I understand. (Black Desert Foundry, linked below). I have only used 4 strong fences at once myself. If that information from Black Desert Foundry is correct, then that explains why one wouldn’t want 10 small fences rather 10 strong fences. Even though you technically get more bang for your buck when it comes to CP.


Now, there are many guides on how to farm, Black Desert Foundry, does a great job of breaking down the farm plots, how to get a fence, etcetera. I wanted to include that quick reference to anyone wanting to get really into farming. The parts that I want to focus on here though, is WHAT TO FARM.

That is why here we are going to talk about what good recipes include ingredients that can be farmed at your convenience. Just a few examples:

Cooking Recipes

1. Carrot confit – Carrot confit is a great recipe to craft because it gives +5500 Mount HP and +12,500 Mount Stamina. This is enough to bring most mounts back to 100% HP and stamina. The recipe is:

Carrot Confit

Harvesting versus Improving
  • Special Carrot x2
  • Cinnamon x4
  • Mineral Water x8
  • Raw Sugar x20
  • Salt x2

This is quite a few ingredients, yes, but worth the time. You can cut down on expenses of this recipe by farming your own special carrots. If you can get your hands on a single carrot seed, plant it, care for it, and when it is ready to harvest -select plant breeding instead of harvest. This will give you small chances at receiving higher grade carrot seeds, as you are after the BLUE “Special Carrot Seed”. Green (High-Quality) carrot seeds have a higher chance of producing blue carrot seeds than normal ones, and blue carrot seeds have the highest chance. I like to have one strong fence for breeding, and one for harvesting. So when I went through this process, I bred plants over and over until I obtained enough for both. Now, I have a special farm area just for getting seeds of the various plants I am working on. Now, you should be able to spend more time hunting down the other ingredients without worry of Special Carrots.

2. Cheese pie is one of the best items you can feed to workers. It restores +7 stamina to workers per piece compare to the +2 stamina of beer we are all used to. What’s better? Almost all of the ingredients used to make it can be obtained in a single strong fence. So what are the ingredients?

Cheese Pie

Cow attracted by haystack
  • Cheese x7
  • Egg x3
  • Grain Dough x4
  • Butter x3

Most of these ingredients require some knowledge in processing, but almost all of it can come from a farm. Cheese is made simply drying milk. Eggs you obtain from chickens. Grain dough starts with any starch/grain product, i.e. wheat, corn, potato, sweet potato, barley. You need to first turn that starch into flour by grinding it, this makes the flour. Then shake that flour with mineral water, which creates the dough. Finally butter. Butter is made by shaking salt and cream. Cream is another milk product. Shake sugar with milk, BOOM -got your cream. So as you can now see, Milk, eggs, and grain are what we can focus on in our farm for this recipe. A haystack is made by drying 50 regular weeds in the processing window. Weeds are WILDLY obtainable through any bush, thicket, or crop in BDO. Haystacks take up 4 crop spots and produce cows, which produce milk! Next, you’ll need chicken feed to collect those eggs. Chicken feed takes up 3 crop plots and is first obtained through grinding rough stone x20, with barley x100. Which brings us to the grain. You can choose barley, which take up only 1 crop plot, as your grain since you will need some for the chicken feed. There you have it. Milk, eggs, and grain.


Meat Croquette. Now that we fed our workers and our mounts, let’s feed ourselves something nice. This is a recipe that is easy to make, and features some resources we have already established from the previous recipe. It provides 5% combat xp, has a duration of 90 minutes, and a cool down of 30 minutes. Quick math tells me you can stack buffs of other recipes after that 30 minute cool down window. Here is the recipe.

Meat Croquette

  • Meat 1 x8
  • Wheat Flour x5
  • Cheese x2
  • Egg x2
  • Deep Frying Oil x4

We already talked about making flour, cheese, and producing eggs. Deep frying oil can be bought from the cooking vendor in most major towns in BDO. So the meat. This being a farming guide, I will tell you we are using beef. Beef is given to to us by harvesting our haystack, which we made above. So since we basically already talked about all of the farming ingredients associated with this recipe, I will go into some tips surrounding these recipes. I use an alt for my cooking. My main, (Warrior) has some skill in cooking, but I use a Shai for primary cooking. Shai comes ready with Pro 1 gathering and Pro 1 alchemy. Since many alchemy and cooking recipes share ingredients, it was only natural to level Shai’s cooking to match her alchemy. You can also set up your farm plots near Bain Farmland, aka, Riverside Farmland -west of Keplan, and leave your Shai (or whichever alt you choose) there. Riverside Farms is a dairy and corn farm. It also has a residence you can use to set up a cooking and alchemy tool. These resources are limited only by your character’s energy.

With our Shai comes Alchemy. So what are some good alchemy recipes with ingredients from our farm / fence?


Here I want to focus on 2 main ones. One of these two things are used in an absolute ton of various alchemy recipes. They are:

  1. Pure Powder Reagent
  2. Clear Liquid Reagent

Elixir of Life, Elixir of Time, Elixir of This, Elixir of That, most “Elixir’s Of Experience Giving” at some level require Pure Powder Reagent. It is also used in making Gem Polisher and Plywood Hardener. If you are a dedicated LifeSkiller, you will find out about these recipes quickly. So how can our farm help us with this? Well here is the recipe:

Pure Powder Reagent

  • Silver Azalea x1
  • Weeds x1
  • Sugar x1
  • Purified Water x1

Naturally we will focus on Silver Azalea. Silver Azalea seeds can be hard to come by in the beginning, but if you can get your hands on some -you’ll be glad you did. Many quests require you to obtain Silver Azaleas so hopefully it won’t take you as long to find some as it did me. My method involved buying several unknown type seeds from the seed vendor. Eventually I got my hands on some. If you have any desire in learning alchemy though, they are a must.

Clear Liquid Reagent

  • Sunrise Herb x1
  • Wild Grass x1
  • Salt x1
  • Purified Water x1

This is a very similar recipe to Pure Powder Reagent. Sunrise herb is what we are focusing on here though. With a quick tip that Wild Grass can be found using barehanded gathering on wild herbs. If you attempt to find it on the Central Market (CM), you will find it quite expensive. Sunrise herbs are the bit that you can grow in your farm, making the process of crafting Clear Liquid Reagent much easier. Clear Liquid Reagent is used in any “Elixir of Making You Slightly Stronger”. It also is used in making Metal Solvent. Metal Solvent is another recipe that dedicated LifeSkillers will learn about real quick.

So to wrap up. The main focus was to learn primarily What to Farm. We found that some of the most valuable thing you can plant in your Strong Fences are:

  • Carrots
  • Haystacks
  • Chicken Feed
  • Silver Azalea
  • Sunrise Herb

I grow an absolute ton of all of these items in my personal farms. I currently have 4 Strong Fences placed, costing me 40 Contribution Points (CP). 2 of which are for items that are breeding, 2 are for harvesting. I also sell many of these products on the Central Market (CM), so if you’re looking into farming from the CM you may be buying my stuff -so thank you.

I intended to try and keep this guide short. Even with what I went over, there are tons of more things one can know about farming. I am happy if just one person finds only one thing useful from this. If that’s the case, then it was worth it.

Like always, if you would like to join our fun; join the conversation on Discord, Facebook, or comment below. Press one or all of the buttons. Happy Farming!

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