Black Desert Online – Warrior Class Review

I play Black Desert Online on PlayStation 4. I have also dabbled in the mobile app, bt most of my play experience is on PS4. I have over 500 hours invested into my Warrior and, at the time of this, am at 515gs evasion build. (BDO Planner,

As I leveled through my first character (warrior) I thought it was a race to gear AP (attack points) and when I first got to 500 gs it was via a lot of AP. I then learned a bit more, and my play style seemed more aligned with this evasion type build. All that said, after 500 hours of game play with warrior, I am calling it the Swiss Army Knife. I have played 10 other characters so far, and that title seems to fit the warrior. It is no where near the mob grinder of a musa, not a trained alchemist like Shai, and certainly not the cosmic power house as is the Mystic. The warrior is not “the best” at any one thing I have found. It is more the utility knife I mentioned. The class is not terrible at anything either. A great all-around class that can get any job done.

Warrior is a lot of fun to play. My current build is quite tanky for the enemies we have available so far. I have won and lost several PvP bouts as well. The part I find might be difficult for those wishing to pursue this class is timing and positioning blocks. It might sound silly now, but you need to face your opponent in order to block appropriately. Also, classes that can string together large combos can excel versus a warrior as the shield strength will give out after enough damage. So knowing when and where to block is important, and hard to master. Using grabs and knockdowns on speed-demon / glass cannon classes is super effective with Warrior, as a pro.

Speaking of pros, here’s a quick look at some pros and cons in my play experience:

Pro: Con:

Easy to learnHard to Master
Swiss Army Knife ClassTiming / Positioning Blocks
Blocking / Defense
Regenerating Movement Speed Skill Kind of Slow Otherwise

Now we can begin to look at some of his skills. Warrior has some relatively high damage attack skills. I have built mine as high defense. So I started working with these largely important skill areas:


Pre-awakened Warrior has a Longsword and Shield. After he Awakens, he is armed with a Great sword, which can also block effectively. He can charge with his shield, but must remain stationary while blocking with his great sword. The shield itself is also great for crowd control.

Kicks / Grabs

Kicks and Grabs have the ability to knock your opponent down. Some even knockdown surrounding enemies. This technique is good against mobs, but is wildly useful against other players.

Any skill which increases mobility

Warrior has a variety of skills which increase his mobility. He is not terrible manipulating any given terrain, but any advantage he can get to setting up blocks and other skills is important.

For me those are the 3 main skill areas to take a look at early on. Once you get a feel for Warrior, it’s easier to play with the more aggressive skills.

Current Warrior gear on Black Desert Online (5 Months Gameplay)

Anyways, just a quick breakdown of my experience playing a Warrior in Black Desert Online for PS4. I would like to do more of these types of articles, perhaps more in-depth, perhaps life skills, any topic suggestions is appreciated. Visit my YouTube Channel or Join the discussion on Discord.

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