Mount & Blade: Warband Further Review with Video of Arena

Arena – Training – Singleplayer Campaign – Further Review of Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband is a game I recently discovered. I do not tend to like non-mmorpg games; however, I was quickly hooked after spending some time in the various modes of Mount & Blade Warband. This game features a single player adventure that is unlike any other I have embarked upon. It does not feature the best graphics in the world, but I have said over-and-over I will take great game play over great graphics any day. One feature found in single player, campaign mode, is an arena area where one can hone their individual skills while not immersed in strategic war campaigns. This is my best match in the aforementioned arena so far. Hoping to make it all the way through eventually.

The arena is just one of the side adventures you can have in this game. The arena can help you hone your skills on a variety of weapons which can be useful later. Every decision you make can play a key role in later scenarios. From the very start you are asked to help a city by taking on forest bandits. You need to then recruit 5 individuals to accompany you into the battle against these bandits. Thus, the start of you army. Continue to recruit your way to larger and larger armies. A large army will not be enough to stake your claim to nobility though. Diplomacy is a huge part of the game. You will have to make friends, enemies, and other decisions. Large sieges require large armies, so pick your allies carefully. Pick your enemies carefully too, as they could be the end of your army -setting you back months (in-game).

In some of my videos you will often see me take on Jarl Aeric of the Nords. He was one who often picked on little ole me when I started, yet I have been able to best him at times. He has become my in game rival I suppose. But that’s how immersed you get in the story of this game.

Would highly recommend.

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