A Beginner’s Guide to Failstacking / Enhancing in Black Desert Online

77 Black stones (armor) 32 Reblath Shoes were used in the making of this +20 Failstack. Current value of Reblath Shoes needed for this stack: 412,768 Silver. Current CM Value of 77 Black stones (armor) 15,554,000 silver (Highest bid), and Blacksmith’s secret book +20 valued at 1,000,000 silver. Total project cost 16,966,768 silver if done without grinding the items through PvE.

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My information here comes from my gameplay on Playstation 4. Market prices, techniques, and some information can be different on the other platforms. This is going to be very basic, but I will add a couple things along the way. Further questions can be answered in the Discord (linked below). Enhancing gear with any kind of success requires Failstacking (fs).

Enhancing gear in BDO can be a very difficult task at first glance. It is a grind getting to the top of BDO, and enhancing is no different. In the beginning, there was hardly anything available on the Central Market (CM). So we all had to enhance our gear the now ol’ fashion way to get these items on the CM for others to enjoy. Now that the CM is full of items, many things can be bought to speed up the process. And sometimes that is just what I do. Reblath and Agerian armor are easy to come by in our version of BDO at this point. These items are available at a fair price at the blacksmith in Velia, Tranan Underfoe. So which do you pick for the failstacking process?

Agerian versus Reblath – Reblath is cheaper and you will need an absolute ton of armor to failstack. Agerian has the best resell value. If one accidentally “pops” (Succeeds) you can simply restore its durability and sell it to start over. This is a slow process, but helps break up the grind, and make you feel like you’re getting silver back. Being that reblath is cheaper, and you need a ton. This is simply the best way to go. I have also bought +14 gear from the CM to skip some steps in the past. This is a more expensive route as well, but sometimes breaks up this grind in the same way mentioned.

That last paragraph throughout some more advanced terms, so let’s take a a deeper dive into them. Being successful in an enhancement while setting up failstacks is bad. Here, you actually want to fail. Your goal is to get a +14 piece of armor, whichever style fits your budget, and an absolute ton of black stone (armor).

Things you will need:

  • A ton of the same armor piece i.e. Reblath armor x32 (from video)
  • A ton of black stones (armor) x77 (from video)
  • Blacksmith’s Secret Book
  • Silver in Stacks, 16,966,768 silver would be the max price I would have paid in the video if using the CM and Taran Underfoe for all materials.

First step is to get your reblath armor to +14. +14 armor has the best chance at failing while only consuming regular black stones. So, call up your black spirit, load you reblath armor into the enhancement slot and start tapping like Shirley Temple. When your armor piece loses too much durability, it will need to be repaired to continued. Head over to the blacksmith Taran Underfoe, and select repair max durability (dura). Use your other 19 armors (or however many are needed) to repair it back to 100 dura, call up the Black Spirit again, and continue. Repeat this until you have a +14 armor.

Second step, now that you have your +14 armor piece, it is time to fail like the 3rd grade! Damn cursive writing.. Make sure you see the spot in the enhancement process where it has an option for [enhance success] or [durability]. Look closely. Choose the option which gives you the least chance at succeeding. Now, you’re ready to fail 20 times. Onward to failure!

Third step is to save that amount of fails in you blacksmith’s secret book. The one that is sold by Taran Underfoe for 1,000,000 silver. Open your inventory, find the book, Hit X.

You have now saved your first fs. So, how does all that work help you? You can now apply that +20 stack to any gear you want to actually succeed on. See video for more in-depth understanding.

The great part about Pearl Abyss is we often get in-game rewards. These include cron stones, Valk’s Cry, artisans memory, and other items helpful to enhancing. I like to save up these items, as well as the failstacks I create for a period of time. I then just make a day of it. Whatever game time I have that day, just put it towards enhancing various items, either for me or for the CM. When you try to enhance otherwise, you tend to run out of stuff more quickly, and go buying from the CM. Go the cheap route, wait.

Bonus tip. As you can see from the video, I am on my Musa, rather than my Warrior. I use the same character (Musa) to do all my enhancements. Why? Because I am terrible with inventory management in this game. If you’re like me, you have WAY TOO MUCH stuff. Doing it on one character helps me keep track of what I have. For the video, I tried to empty out my inventory as best I could. Additionally, I am building a Luck Armor of Fortuna set for my Musa. This will allow me to grind scrolls, black stones, and other items to help my enhancements. I guess that’s not really a tip, but a look into what I do.

I wanted to make this short and sweet as failstacking / enhancing is definitely a more advanced concept in this game for most people. It’s not easy, and you’re doomed to fail at times. Fail in a good way, and a bad way. I hope to more of this type of article in the future. Your comments, criticism, suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to hit me up through the discord to answer any questions if I can.

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