GTA Online Arena Wars

RogueGOOSE1 winning 1st Place in an Arena War match! Grand Theft Auto Online Arena Wars

I wanted to share this because after talking to people in game, I realized many people do not actually know what arena wars are. These game modes are a ton of fun.

Arena Wars modes are:

  1. FLAG WARS, choose you car, truck, or bike and get to a classic game of capture the flag; careful though other cars, trucks, and bikes, stand in your way. Whichever team collects the most flags wins!
  2. CARNAGE, a last car standing match to the death.
  3. FLAG WARS, the match in this video, similar to capture the flag but with cars, bikes, or monster trucks.
  4. WRECK IT, this is a death race style of game play.
  5. GAMES MASTERS, one team collects checkpoints in their vehicles while the other spectates, spectators have a variety of weapons to use to destroy other vehicles, collect as many checkpoints as you can in the time and then teams switch places.
  6. HERE COME THE MONSTERS, monster trucks versus Issi Classic compact cars, after each round you switch places. Smash the Issi’s or lead the monster trucks to their doom in traps.
  7. HOT BOMB, hot potato with cars.
  8. TAG TEAM, each team gets one player in the arena at a time in a gladiatorial bout with cars. Up to 16 players can compete in these matches.

You do not need to own an Arena Workshop or any vehicle to participate in these matches. It does make it a little more fun to customize your very own death machine to use in the Maze Bank Arena, though.

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